Weezer is determined to keep their fans entertained and gain mass attention with their surprise release of the self-titled “Teal Album” in anticipation for the upcoming, “Black Album.”

Weezer’s “Teal Album” was released in late January but people only knew about the “Black Album” which is set to be released on March 3, 2019.

Their surprise LP is set with 10 ‘80s themed covers of well-known favorites that have continuously been played by the public. In fact, the album includes songs that became major hits before I was born and these are songs that I and many others love to sing along to. The project includes songs like A-ha’s “Take On Me,” TLC’s “No Scrubs,” Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and other great hits.

The songs are re-imagined in a light of alternative rock while still maintaining their “sing-along” qualities. Weezer adds their classic alternative punk rock styles to each song, uniquely, while preserving the original sound.

The band’s cover of TOTO’s “Africa,” a classic 80s soft rock hit, was molded into an updated version of the original. Weezer kept the melodic sounds while amping up the hard electric sound for a more rock-heavy sound.

Weezer’s release of “Africa” also came as a surprise but, unbeknown to the public, it was released as a teaser to the “Teal Album.” Their cover to “Africa” was released a few months ago, but only recently did they release the accompanying songs.

In their latest release, we see that the band continues to allude to their previous work. Take for example, their album cover. Compared to their other color titled albums like “Blue Album,” “Green Album,” “Red Album” and “White Album,” the guys have not changed their aesthetic and are still the same talented alternative rock stars.

Each of the covers for the color albums shows the four members lined up almost too perfectly against a colored background, respectively to the album title. This cover idea certainly stands out among other band’s album covers and since they began, it's kind of become a trademark for the band.

On the other hand, the cover for the upcoming “Black Album” has the most drastic change for the look. The four members are still lined up side-by-side, but instead of a light, bright color, they are against a bold, dark, black background. And as if that change wasn’t dramatic enough, the artists decided to frame themselves dripping in black paint.

The cover for their anticipated album is definitely dramatic and makes the release of the album far more suspenseful. As for me, when I look at that album cover, I’m curious about what will set this album apart from the rest beside the visual appeal.

Until its release on March 1., “Black Album” can be pre-ordered on the band’s website. After the album’s release, Weezer will be setting out on a worldwide tour with the Pixies, Basement, and TV on the Radio (NYC only) starting in Louisville on March 8. Along the way, they will stop at Coachella for two nights of performing.

Weezer is the kind of band that consistently proves that it doesn’t take back-to-back Hot 100 tracks to stay recognized by the public. This band and their music have remained in the playlists, and hearts, of many people over multiple generations who all jam out to alternative rock.

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