For some, the scariest part of starting college is getting a roommate. If you don’t have anyone to room with, it can be nerve-wracking to get put with a stranger. You might become best friends with your roommate, but it’s also possible your personalities will simply clash too much for it to work out. If that happens, what are you supposed to do?

Students actually have a few options at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Before deciding to fill out a roommate change request, it might be worth looking into some other options.

First, take a look at why you’re having a disagreement in the first place. Roommates are usually made to fill out a roommate agreement form at the beginning of the semester; consult that and see if the disagreement can be resolved by one of the rules on there. 

If not, try to see if there’s a compromise that could be worked out. If you both have wildly different political views, you could decide to simply not discuss politics with each other. If you both want the room at different temperatures, you can settle for whatever temperature is in the middle of the two. Some issues won’t be able to have a compromise, which would be the point at which I would pull out the roommate change request. 

If coming to a compromise is proving to be difficult, Resident Assistants (RA) are able to moderate discussions about the matter to make sure both parties are satisfied by the end. Discuss the issue with your RA and get their input on it. It’s likely that your RA will have experienced or witnessed a similar situation before and might have a solution for you.

Sometimes two people simply don't get along, even if there is no disagreement. Are your personalities just too different, or have you not talked to your roommate much? Consider getting lunch with your roommate a few times and have some conversations about your interests. It’s possible that you’re just uncomfortable around them because you don’t know them very well. 

If all else fails, the roommate change request is only a few clicks away on the UL Lafayette website. This form may take a few days to be processed, but the Housing Department will look over your request and approve or deny it depending on the reason for the change. If approved, you will be moved to a different room. This can still be a bit risky. If you don’t request to move in with a particular person, you could end up with another roommate problem, but it’s better to take that risk than spend the entire semester unhappy. 

Requests can be denied if the reason seems too petty to go through the effort of moving you. In that case, the housing department may try to help you work out your issues with your roommate. This would lead to your RA facilitating a discussion between you and your roommate in an effort to work out your issues. 

If your roommate ever does or says anything that makes you feel unsafe around them, contact UL Lafayette Police Department and explain the situation. They’ll be able to help you take the next steps to make sure you feel safe. 

Once you have a roommate you get along with, get ready for the semester! Your roommate might leave your life after the semester or year, but they might also become one of your best friends. Regardless of whether or not they do, no one ever forgets their roommates.


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