Costumes are normally only a big deal when it comes to one holiday: Halloween. While my princess costume at Hangout Fest wasn’t exactly a choice, there are actually some festivals where costumes are encouraged.

Voodoo Fest is an annual music festival on Halloween weekend in New Orleans. Music festivals are always pretty crazy, but the fact that everyone is wearing Halloween costumes makes Voodoo Fest truly irreplaceable. I’ve been to plenty of concerts, but nothing can beat being surrounded by thousands of people wearing Halloween costumes going wild at a Zedd show — wolf masks, giant baby suits, neon dancers and pirate outfits.

Because Voodoo Fest takes place at the end of October, it’s always guaranteed to have that nice, crisp and cool Louisiana autumn weather. It’s hosted on large, grassy grounds, so the clichéd opportunity to lie down in the middle of a field at a festival like the flower child you really are is brought to life.

And there are giant art installations throughout the festival. Last year, there was a metal pterodactyl that you could climb into and control. (I honestly don’t know how that was allowed because that thing was seriously 100 percent metal and dangerous, and it could have ended someone’s weekend in a heartbeat; but at the same time, I’m not complaining because it looked awesome.)

The openness of Voodoo’s art-decorated grounds and the positivity that it radiates are part of what makes it such a memorable festival.

The lineup for Voodoo normally isn’t as electronic dance music focused as Buku Fest is, but the artists that are scheduled really complement the environment. Bringing out a few beachy, alternative bands is the perfect way to keep the festival alive during the day without burning out the countless costumed party-goers.

This year, Voodoo Fest will be keeping it creepy with Ozzy Osbourne and Jane’s Addiction headlining on Halloween night. (Please try to leave the bat heads at home though, Ozzy!)

The Saturday schedule also boasts legendary dance producer Giorgio Moroder. While his name might not sound incredibly familiar, you’ve heard his music more times than you’d think. Daft Punk’s most recent album, “Random Access Memories,” was brought to life partly because of Moroder. His most recent album includes collaborations with industry giants like Britney Spears, Charli XCX, Sia and Kylie Minoque. Long story short, he’s the guy that wrote “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun.

On Halloween weekend, you could be surrounded by thousands of people looking like the island of misfit toys in their wild costumes AND simultaneously have the chance to scream “Take My Breath Away” at the top of your lungs. I definitely want to do that at least once in my life.

The rest of the Voodoo Lineup still manages to “take my breath away.” ZHU, Florence + the Machine, Jack U, Modest Mouse, Joywave, Girl Talk, Joey Bada$$ and the Soul Rebels, Deadmau5, Zac Brown Band and Slightly Stoopid. If that somehow isn’t enough for you, don’t worry — I saved the best for last: Chance the Rapper.

Chance the Rapper, who recently released new music with Donnie Trumpet, is scheduled to perform the Sunday night of Voodoo Fest. Seamlessly combining elements of rap, funk and spoken word performance, Chance’s new material alone is awesome enough to guarantee my attendance at Voodoo Fest. Combined with all of the other artists on the lineup, this is definitely a weekend that should be spent in New Orleans going hard. Hopefully I will see you there!

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