The Student Government Association met on Monday, March 9 in the Helma B. Constantine Forum in the Student Union.

Rachel Lautiger began by talking about the first case of coronavirus in Louisiana, University of Louisiana at Lafayette System Day, and the Question of the Week.

The Question of the Week will allow UL Lafayette students to ask specific questions to the University and they will be answered by people in a specific department.

There were also new senators that were appointed in the arts, graduate, nursing, business and liberal arts.

The senators also passed two amendments. The first involved allocating money during the spring 2020 semester. This includes money that will be given to the Big Event, Soul Camp, the library and other clubs. There is also going to be less money needed for outside, UL Lafayette-funded trips because of the novel coronavirus. The amendment specifically allocated to the executive budget.

The second amendment wishes to broaden the amount of people who can sit on the university college senate.

“Only candidates pursuing the General Studies degree may be candidates for the University College seats during any election, unless as specified below,” reads the original rule.

It was amended to say that both honors students and trio students could run for university college seats if no one from general studies applied for candidacy.

Both amendments were approved by a unanimous vote.

Other events that were mentioned at SGA include House that Will Not Stand, which is an event from March 12 through 14, and community figure drawing, both put on by the College of the Arts.

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