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The Student Government Association held its first meeting back on campus in the Helma B. Constantine Forum on Sept. 9 at 5 p.m.

Despite some confusion over Robert’s Rules of Order and the Big Three running late, they managed to pass several resolutions.

“I would apologize for my, Haley and Jonathan’s tardiness today,” SGA President Rachel Lautigar said, referring to SGA treasurer Jonathan Adams and SGA vice-president Haley Boutte. “We had our very first meeting with Dr. Savoie today. We were leaving Martin Hall at about five (minutes) till (5 p.m.) and running around like headless chickens until we got here.”

One resolution that passed involved changes to scholarship guidelines for students who take less than 12 hours and are either graduating or are in some other scholarship committee-approved circumstance.

Education President Dylan Hebert was a big supporter of the resolution. 

“So, I’m not in my last semester, I’m not graduating and I’m under full time, but I’m a student-teacher,” Hebert said. “So I cannot take any more hours that would be beyond a financial burden if that makes sense. So, maybe that would help those who are in their fifth year like myself and in the program, but still aren’t graduating so they wouldn’t be able to have scholarships.”

Although the resolution passed, Tyler Quebedeaux, a visiting instructor of history who assists with SGA proceedings, said the resolution will not go through yet.

Reed Broussard, a liberal arts senator, said he felt the meeting went well despite the confusion.

“It went well. It was just kinda getting some kinks out, really getting used to how the meetings run,” Broussard said.   


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