CORRECTION: This SGA report before Sept. 23 stated SGA did not pass any appropriations on Sept. 16 when they passed several appropriations under a provisional budget, according to both their official minutes and an audio recording.

The Student Government Association passed several appropriations at its meeting on Monday, Sept. 16 using a provisional budget.

“So essentially, we cannot pass a resolution without passing a budget, and we cannot pass a budget until we have census data. As of now, we don’t have census data,” SGA Treasurer Jonathan Adams said.

SGA passed appropriations for Olivia LaHaye to attend the AGU Chapman Conference, Brittany Grissom to attend the American Society of Gravitational and Space Research, Paige Byerly to attend the 2019 Waterbird Society Meeting, Tyler Martinez to attend the 2019 International Writing Centers Association Conference and Lara Vergenal to attend Neuropsychiatry: A Comprehensive Update.

Another item on the agenda SGA approved was a resolution to appoint several members to the executive cabinet and to refer to SGA Chief of Staff Dominique Williams as “Chief of Staff Williams” in official documents.

“It’s just an honor to get involved on campus, to get involved with the students and help the students out,” Williams said.

Hannah LaCour and Mary Frances Avera were made co-secretaries for LIFE Program students, Claire Carriere was made secretary for the Office of Disability Services, and Kenton Jackson was made secretary for Communications and Marketing.

A resolution to change the course repeat policy was tabled; however, this was due to the sponsor waiting to get SACS accreditation for this.

The resolution is intended to revert the university’s course repeat policy back to where courses a student failed but repeated would be replaced with a GPA neutral “R” instead of the failing grade on the student’s transcript.

“The current policy right now is when you repeat a class, all the grades stay on your transcript are just averaged in,” Troie Acker, the bill’s sponsor, said.

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