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The Student Government Association passed two resolutions at their meeting on Monday, Nov. 4.

The first resolution, Resolution No. 15: A Resolution for Equitable Student Pay, called for a raise in wages for undergraduate student workers.

According to the resolution, “the University has an ethical obligation to equitably compensate its employees,” and should pay student workers more than the national mininum hourly wage.

The resolution was amended by Graduate School Senator Rex Jones, who wished for the wording of the bill to include graduate student workers as well.

“I move to amend the resolution to delete the word undergraduate … and change undergraduate to student,” said Jones.

The original sponsor of the resolution, Jones realized the need to extend the bill to cover his own constituents as well as all student workers in a conversation with the dean of the graduate school, urging him to push for the amendment.

The amendment and its associated resolution both passed unanimously.

Following an amendment “abolishing the positions of SGA Representatives appointed from within the Senate,” according to the resolution, SGA also saw the return of another resolution to the floor.

This resolution, Resolution No. 16: A Resolution to appoint members of the Executive Cabinet, added more members to SGA.

The resolution appointed Faryal Atif as Secretary for International Student Affairs and Harvey Calhoun as Secretary for Residential Life within SGA President Rachel Lautigar’s Executive Cabinet.

The resolution, which was originally tabled at the last meeting and this meeting was pushed forward to a vote, also passing unanimously.

In addition to the new members of the executive branch of SGA, the judicial branch appointed a new justice, Natalie Mire.

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