The Student Government Association held a meeting in the Helma B. Constantine Forum on Monday, Sept. 23 at 5 p.m.

Student senators discussed two resolutions at the meeting. SGA tabled the first and approved the second.

The tabled resolution was intended to change the course repeat policy to replace the grades of classes that a student has retaken with an “R” instead of factoring in the original grade into the student’s GPA.

The resolution’s sponsor, Engineering Senator Troie Acker, was under the impression that the practice of replacing repeated course grades with “R’s” had been done away with, but, after speaking with Mickey Diez from the Registrar’s office, she found the adjusted GPA still exists, it’s just not shown and TOPS will not consider the adjusted GPA regardless of which GPA is shown.

“TOPS takes the overall GPA regardless of if this resolution was to go into place. It wouldn’t matter; TOPS will take the overall GPA,” Acker said.

The resolution SGA approved appointed new members to the executive cabinet: Austin Champagne and Kayla Heard as Co-Secretaries for STEP and Campus Technology and Kimberly Louviere as Secretary for Programming and Events.

SGA President Rachel Lautigar also encouraged members of SGA to take some time out of their schedules to attend the tailgate for the next home game against Appalachian State on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

“Start thinking about your schedules, your syllabi, when you need to do your homework in advance of that day, and when you get out of class, so that we can have an SGA tailgate that is representative of what students have requested and said ‘This is what would be a great experience,’” Lautigar said. “We have committees, the athletics committee, an ad-hoc committee that’s been created that’s addressing the student tailgating needs, but what we need more than anything from SGA is just for us to show up in numbers and in support of the Ragin’ Cajuns, especially on a televised game so our student section looks as we all want it to.”

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