The Student Government Association held a meeting in the Helma B. Constantine Forum on Monday, Oct. 21 at 5 p.m.

SGA used the meeting to preview its agenda for next week’s meeting. The agenda included two amendments to the bylaws.

Amendment 6 is intended to change Article VIII, Section 1, Subsection 4 of the SGA Bylaws. If the amendment passes, all campus organizations and individuals seeking funds will only be able to do so once per semester. This will not apply to academic organizations or “individuals presenting.”

Amendment 7 is intended to change several sections of the SGA Bylaws. If it passes, it will establish a Programming Fund Committee who will be in charge of requests for money. The committee would be in charge of accepting or denying grant requests. Whatever grants the committee accepts would be placed on the agenda for the next SGA meeting.

The committee would be made up of the SGA Treasurer, the college presidents and the chairs of all Senate External Committees or a designated senator from the committee. The treasurer would act as the chair for the committee.

It would also establish clear rules on what is not eligible for grant money. Amendment 7 states grant money from SGA couldn’t be used for faculty and staff, meals, or banquets and travel.

In addition, some new members were sworn in during the meeting. Freshman Senators Jasmine Hebert, Katelin Cormier, Destiny Broussard and Freshman President Lauren Turner pledged to “faithfully execute” their duties at the meeting.

“We’re just excited (and) really happy we got the positions. We worked really, really hard, and we’re working on an upcoming project in the future, but we can’t say what it is yet,” Turner said.

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