Glen Fields KRVS

From a young age, Glenn Fields has had a close relationship with music. In the 80s he used to fall asleep with a radio under his pillow.

While many shared his love for music, Fields took it a step further when, as an adult, he joined a band, The Red Stick Ramblers, and has performed his music across the globe in countries like Australia and Malaysia.

And after a full career, Fields has come full circle, hosting his own radio show on KRVS.

“The radio show that I do for KRVS is called ‘All Over the Map.’ And the whole point of my show is to play different styles of music back to back so that you can enjoy the contrast,” he said.

One might think “All Over the Map” just means popular modern music from a wide variety of genres, but in reality, Fields pulls from a lot more than the sort of music you would hear on a typical radio station. For instance, he recently played an album that was so obscure it can’t be found on the internet.

“They probably pressed 1,000 copies, and they never made another copy of it again. And so it’s very hard to find. It’s very rare, and it doesn’t exist on the internet. You can’t go find it on YouTube,” he said.

Recently, Fields has taken an interest in lounge music and has played a lot of it on his show.

“It’s music from the 50s, that in late 40s, on into the early 60s that was primarily geared towards people who are just getting off of work. They’re coming home, and they want to have a scotch and listen to something that’s very relaxing. So it’s very soothing,” he said. “There’s a lot of strings and orchestration in it. There’s like exotic bird animal calls and animal sounds, and you might have crashing waves in the background.”

Fields still tours on occasion, but the coronavirus pandemic has severely limited this. While he has fond memories of this period, Fields said he enjoys settling down a little as he gets older.

In addition to his work with KRVS, he’s also on a podcast called “Nothing but Road Stories” where talks about his days as a traveling musician.

One can tune into “All Over the Map” with Glenn Fields on 88.7 FM at 10 p.m. on Thursday.

“Yeah, I’m happy to be a part of the Thursday night crew. It’s myself and Robert (Minville),” he said. “His show is called The Minor Chord. It’s right after mine. And then after Robert is my friend Reagan (Benit) has a show called Punk Pirogue. And she plays kind of obscure punk rock stuff from here and beyond from Acadiana.”

Fields said he hopes his music will inspire others to take interest in music they otherwise might not explore.

“I’m hoping that out there somewhere there’s some kids listening to this show at 10 p.m. on a Thursday, who’s never heard this stuff, and maybe turn them on to it,” he said.

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