On Friday, Oct. 30, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette announced in an email their plan to use emergency grades for the fall semester. 

“Grade options of Pass (P), Emergency D (ED), and Emergency F (EF) can be requested by undergraduate students,” reads the email.

Emergency grades do not affect a student’s GPA either.

“Grades of P, ED, and EF will not be factored into a student's GPA. A grade of P will provide academic credit and will count toward curricular, major, minor, academic progress, and graduation requirements. A grade of ED will also count toward such requirements provided a minimum grade of C is not required in the student’s curriculum,” the email states. 

According to the aforementioned email, the process involves faculty assigning a student the grade that was initially earned, and after, the student may request to have one of the emergency grades used on their transcript.

The email also states that some classes could not be applicable to this system of grading; however, the same policy applied last semester as well.

“Individual colleges may determine that their students, and/or some of their courses, are not eligible for this option, and will publish this information,” says the email.

The College of Nursing is one that will not be implementing the pass/fail policy.

“We didn’t do it last semester, and it kinda sucks, but the department has always been strict,” Leigh Jolivette a health information management major said.

Obviously, the date by which a student must submit this request has changed. It is due by Dec.18.

It does appear, however, that the Student Government Association (SGA) knew of this development on Monday during their meeting.

“We just asked (President Savoie) to let us know what was decided and in general he said exactly what we had last year, last semester. The deans are finalizing it and something's going to go out tomorrow,” Margarita Perez, the advisor for SGA said.

It is unknown at this time why the details of the emergency grades were released so long after the SGA knew about them. 

As of Saturday, Oct. 31, Eric Maron, the Senior Communications Representative at UL Lafayette was still unable to give a statement to the Vermilion regarding emergency grading outside of, “Still working on it. I want to get you the most up-to-date info.”

There is also the concern that the pass/fail system may not apply to fully online students, and this was not addressed in the email sent out by the university.

“I guess the only concern that a lot of people are having is for (online students). I am not a fully online student, but some were saying that last semester fully online students were not accepted into (emergency grading),” Lauren Turner said at the SGA meeting Monday.

Perez later said at the SGA meeting that if the official email does not meet the needs of students, the SGA members can fill out an official grievance form. 

“I think it's just better to wait until it comes out, and then if it comes out and it doesn't meet what we need, then I'd say, have students fill out the SGA grievance and concerns, and we can go back to (the specific concerns) with the specific departments or college issues,” she said.


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