After witnessing a man allegedly follow another University of Louisiana at Lafayette student, following the two to make sure the girl was OK and calling the police after the incident, a student took to Twitter to warn other students.

Ann Clare Tavernit, who was walking down Lamar Street from the Quarters, said she noticed who she believed to be a non-student following another female student.

Shortly after 10 a.m. Thursday, March 28, she tweeted: “If you are a blonde female UL student that walks home on Lamar after your 10 a.m. there was a man following you so I followed the both of y’all and made sure you made it home safely.”

Tavernit, who said she knocked on the student’s door to no avail, described the suspect as a 30-year-old African American man in his 30s, possibly having long hair and holding a white cloth.

After ensuring the student made it to her apartment, Tavernit said she spotted the same man following a different student, whom she grabbed by the arm and told to walk with her. Tavernit said she explained herself and called the police as the man watched them talk from about 20 feet away.

According to UL Lafayette Police Department Spokesman Lt. Billy Abrams, the university’s City/University Safety Program found a suspect resembling the man described, interviewed him and turned the information to ULPD detectives, as well as Lafayette police and sheriff’s officials.

Abrams said Lafayette police were first notified of the incident, but were unable to find anyone matching the description.

He urged anyone who has witnessed suspicious activity to call 911 or ULPD at 337-482-6447 or utilize the RaveGuardian phone app.

This story will be updated.

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