I’m not what you’d call a traditional student. I spent my early college years skipping classes for events that I can’t even remember anymore. I dropped out, got married, traveled the East Coast with my Navy husband and became a freelance writer in my spare time. Still, something pulled at me while I slaved away at listicles online.

After years of wandering, I found a home in journalism, in hard-hitting news with real impact. More importantly, I found a home at The Vermilion after our former Editor-in-Chief took a chance on an older student with too much to say and not enough platforms to say it on. This paper gave me a voice, it gave me purpose and it gave me real goals.

That goal is to put out the best damn paper we can at this University. It’s my promise to you as Managing Editor of The Vermilion, each week will be the absolute best coverage we can provide. We’ll listen to your concerns and give them a voice. We’ll cover your triumphs and listen to your tragedies because, at the end of the day, we are here for you. We are your newspaper.

When I was offered this job by our Editor-in-Chief it was not without thought. We have a responsibility to you that I do not take lightly, we keep a record of our time here. Each issue of The Vermilion is a snapshot of your time here at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us. As I said before, we are here for you.

2018 hasn’t been without its ups and downs, and we’ve still got months to go—but together we’ll make it through the year better than we entered it. Or at the very least, more informed than when we started.

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