There are very few things that I openly dislike.

As ironic as it may seem to be a conservative columnist, I stay out of political discussions as much as possible. Often times I believe that we have an evolving sense of morality and something being inherently wrong now may not be in the future, so I keep quiet on it. But there are things I truly dislike.

One of those things is an echo chamber.

Hopefully, you feel a little better about it because this article is about Trump, once again.

When faced with evidence, there’s not much response a person can have. You can either accept it on its merits or deny it on them, but it’s likely that the stronger the evidence, the greater the likelihood of the former.

I’ve tried to stay away from the idea of a witch hunt against Trump. I think that a president should be scrutinized to the best of our nation’s ability because they hold such a pivotal role in the nation’s future.

With that being said, I’m presented with evidence of the contrary. I’m saying here that the political atmosphere may be involved in a witch hunt. Let me explain.

Typically, the common person will jump a few necessary assumptions to make a conclusion. There’s no problem with this, it usually saves time. If someone says that most accountants make money, then it’s reasonable for a person to become an accountant in pursuit of that income.

What they’re missing is that maybe the people who become accountants usually have an affinity for money and numbers, so they’re better at all the other financial aspects of life and thus they would make more money, whether they’d be an accountant or not. It's nitpicking stuff, I get it, but that’s an assumption people miss.

My argument today is that people may miss a few necessary assumptions in regards to our president. I mean necessary in the circumstance that doesn’t save time but instead wastes it. In this example, President Donald Trump has principles and values that people don’t like. He’s made statements that people loathe, and he’s insinuated things that sometimes even the majority recoil at.

With that being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s actually done something illegal. As a society, we tend to pair one with the other. If we don’t like them, then we associate them with having principles we don’t like while disregarding another principle: the principle of the law.

Unfortunately, that’s not how that works, and with the recent spur in activity surrounding President Donald Trump’s tax returns, I’m starting to be of the idea that this is exactly what’s happening.

Yes, the guy can be unlikeable. The guy can be brash, and disrespectful, and ignorant. It doesn’t mean that he’s a criminal, despite how much some people want him to be. The line of logic doesn’t follow through, and it’s getting to the point that may be wasting taxpayers’ time.

We have brilliant, educated and forward-thinking people in this country. Many of them occupy our Congress, with an argument to be made for others. Flint still doesn’t have water, our water and air are being polluted more every day and we still don’t have a safety net for social security pops.

I couldn’t care less about President Donald Trump’s tax returns, and neither should you.

If they find out he did miss something on his tax returns, what do we get? Another trial to last two years? A trial is likely to end with nothing, like the last two. Let’s focus our attention. Let’s make movements for what changes things. The only time I like to hear about taxes is when they’re lowered.

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