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OPINION- If the Cajuns men’s tennis team has not lost their momentum and spirit coming off the loss against Baylor University, who is currently ranked No. 3 in the nation, the rest of the season looks promising for the team.

All good things eventually come to an end, and for the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s men’s tennis team, it was their win streak. The Cajuns came off of a six-game win streak and have won three consecutive doubleheaders. While the team seemingly found their groove, the nationally ranked Baylor was not a typical opponent. Louisiana’s hot streak ended this past Saturday with the box score being 6-1 and made the Bears 41st doubleheader sweep.

Baylor started the day with a double win with their no. 33-ranked Matias Soto and Nick Stachowiak. The pair played against Louisiana’s Xandy Hammit and Oriol Fillat Gimenez where they achieved a 6-1 score. On court two, Baylor lost in doubles against Kacper Dworak and Ivailo Keremedchiev. The duo players have won seven out of their nine games and one of them was a tie against The University of Texas of San Antonio Roadrunners. The win over No. 3 Baylor is especially big because it was against no. 10 ranked Constantin Frantzen and Sven Lah.

Being that both teams had double victories at this point, the pressure was on as Louisiana’s Alejandro Sanchez and Karlo Kajin played Finn Bass and Charlie Broom. The Cajuns put two points up but Baylor won the match 6-2.

Cajun freshman Kajin, who is going 8-3 in singles, beat the No. 103 player in the nation, Broom, in the singles 6-4,6- 4. Along with the win over the No. 2 singles player, Louisiana State University (LSU)’s Rafael Wagner, the win over Broom shows Louisiana has quality players. This win over Broom is the only point Louisiana received throughout the day.

Bass came back down to play a three-set tiebreaker against Gonzalez. Gonzalez managed a win in the first set (7-6), but could not push through as he lost in the second (5-7), and again in the tiebreaker (0-1).

Louisiana was unable to show the depth in their team against Baylor as they struggled in their singles and doubles matches. The Cajuns now have a negative record as they are 7-8 in games overall and have a .467 winning percentage.

Although Louisiana lost against Baylor, two of the team’s players won over nationally ranked players, showing that the Cajuns are a team to watch out for.

Despite having their winning streak end, the team looks to revive itself as they play Alcorn State, who have 2-5 overall. Although it appears to be an easy win, the Cajuns did not start their season off well as they went 0-5 in the beginning.

With the Cajuns having a well- rounded team, good coaching staff and newly discovered groove, they should do well in their upcoming games. The Cajuns’ schedule includes Alcon State, Troy, South Alabama, and Loyola. it appears that Troy is the only team left that presents them with a potential struggle. Troy is the only team with a positive 2021 record as well as the only team left with more than five overall wins. Troy, 15-1, still has had close scoring games consistently throughout their season.

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