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The March for Life happened in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 19. This is the 45th March for Life to take place since it was first spurred by the landmark Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade in 1973. Ever since then, abortion has been an increasingly hot topic in political and moral debates. Unfortunately, with abortions being less restricted than before, innocent lives are lost before they even have a chance.

The left behaves in a curious way toward abortion. When it comes to demographics that seem to have the short end of the stick, the left jumps to their defense. While occasionally a noble thing to do, these same people with the same ideals are notably pro-abortion. In every situation where an abortion is an option, the most defenseless person is the baby being terminated. These children can literally do nothing, whereas grown people and even animals can generally defend themselves in times when their lives are in danger. Though there may be a fight levied for women’s rights or gay rights, there is silence when it comes to those who have no voice.

In my experience, the same people who support abortion are big advocates for science and the place of science in our world. This provides another curious aspect of the support for abortion. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released their plan for 2018-2022, which states that life begins at conception. This is not just influence from the GOP or President Trump. Scientists for years have said that life begins at conception. The American College of Pediatricians says in their positions on life issues that “The predominance of human biological research confirms that human life begins at conception — fertilization.” With this in mind, abortions should technically be considered murder.

Then there are marginal cases, which tend to become talking points. These cannot be used to justify the whole institution of abortion, because these cases do not represent the majority of scenarios where an abortion occurs. Just like you would not condemn all Muslims because of the actions of Islamic terrorists, you should not be justifying the entire institution of abortion because of those marginal cases. This astounding hypocrisy is lost on supporters of abortion who fit this description.

Women’s rights also tend to be a big part of these arguments. Let’s be honest: it is 2018, women have rights. There is nothing that women cannot do (especially in the U.S.) short of becoming a priest. In this fight for rights, which are already present, the rights of unborn children are being ignored. It is an interesting, unfortunate conundrum because the lives of these children are solely dependent on their mothers. They cannot be supported by the men who help conceive them.

Women have a biological responsibility of protecting, caring for, birthing and raising children. Men do not have these responsibilities while the child is in utero, which is not a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. In this discussion of the roles of a family, men need to be able to protect and provide for the mother and child. Once the child is born, both parents need to find a balance in childcare responsibilities. It is not news that maybe one or the other disregards their part, which is truly a sad situation. Unfortunately, it is again the most defenseless member of the situation who suffers. In a perfect world, everyone would do what they need to do and be responsible for their actions.

Speaking of being responsible for actions, the best way to avoid a situation where abortion is an honest option is to not become pregnant in the first place. This is not directed at marginal cases; this is directed at individuals of both genders making questionable decisions. The best way to not become pregnant is to not have sex. There are plenty of contraceptives available on the market, but one should note that there are failure rates. Be mindful around alcohol and other intoxicants. In case I forgot to mention this, be responsible for your actions.

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