Election day

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The University of Louisiana at Lafayette should not give us the day off on election day to go vote.

The semester is already shortened due to COVID-19 and we are already behind with the hurricanes. If the University maybe had all absences excused for that day that would be fine.

Most of us are online anyway so we have the free time already to go out and vote. If you do have an on-campus class the university should be more lenient on their attendance policy.

All on-campus class absences should be excused so we as students know we have enough time to go out and vote. Our semester is scheduled to wrap up just before Thanksgiving and we already missed two days due to hurricanes so we really can not afford to miss any more days.

This is a very important election, with all the problems in the country we have to decide who we want to lead our country through these times. Our generation is becoming more vocal about how we want our country to be portrayed and we as a generation feel deeply about some of these issues. That being said I can understand why we would want that day off. It would help ensure that we get our vote in.

Every vote counts and we understand that. We know that in order for us to see the changes and the progression of our country we have to make sure we are voting on Nov. 3.

We are in strange times with COVID though, so as I said, the semester is already shortened. Since I have been on campus we have never been scheduled to finish the semester this early and UL seems like they want to stay on that track.

I understand it is important to vote and there is a massive push to get people registered to vote. I know I will be voting on election day, but I don’t think we should cancel that day of school.

Just to be clear I am not saying you should go to class instead of voting. You should definitely be registered to vote and plan to go vote. I always say if you did not register to vote or plan to vote then you do not get to complain about the state of the country.

If you are not voting then you are not trying to fix the problems in our country. We are done with complaining and sitting back waiting for something to happen. We are ready for change and we are ready for action.

UL Lafayette should make it an excused absence for election day to cater to their students.

If we have excused absences on election day, we still stay on schedule, no one gets their grade affected and we get to vote. It seems like we are all winners in the scenario in my opinion.

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