new wild west

The Wild West wasn’t a happy place. After reading through Lonesome Dove — which many believe is The Odyssey of Wild West novels — I came to that conclusion. Not to spoil the book, but there was a lot of death — needless, often times senseless death. Everywhere was paranoia, and although the Wild West is often glamorized, it wasn’t a happy place. The book did an excellent job of showing that.

Before I could write a response to the first shooting in El Paso, another shooting took place. Not even twenty-four hours could go by before another innocent life was taken. A shopping trip, a night out, a school day, nothing is sacred anymore. The Wild West had so little going for it, but there was at least a respect for tradition. A school was still a school, a store was still a store and duels were still duels.

There was no honor or bravery in shooting an unarmed man, and there was only hatred for those who would hurt children. Though there are some similarities, we’re not dealing with the same created animal as back then. Women and men were hardened because it was so easy to be taken advantage of; they armed themselves to the teeth and fought to the death. The similarity is that it’s still easy — even easier now — to be taken advantage of. We let loose our paranoia and embraced trust. Now, we’re being punished for it.

The new animal we’re dealing with is unlike the enemies of the past. This isn’t your daily robber or ruffian. This is cold, calculated domestic terrorism. This is an attack from the inside by those who are willing and able to take advantage of U.S. citizens and laws. Every attack has been random but coordinated in its purpose, similar in every way but time. They are targeted, they are premeditated and they are purposeful. This is not a result of video game violence. This is a result of a deeply rooted racial hatred that still bleeds into America’s soil, and waters the seeds of death and destruction.

These are white men who hate races other than themselves. Let’s not beat around the bush here, it is what it is. They hate the sympathizers, they hate tolerance, and above all they hate progress. These are not the manly men of the Wild West, doing what they have to do to survive. These are weak, vile, cruel and pathetic individuals who believe their only hope at making an impact on the world is to scar it.

We can’t let that happen. Remember the victims, and study the behavior, but don’t give notoriety to those who don’t deserve it. They want fame, so let’s rob them of it. They want power, so let’s strip them of it. They want to go down in history; let’s take that from them too.

Legislation can fix this, and eventually I believe it will. Until then, welcome to the new Wild West. It isn’t a happy place.

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