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Hometown:   Maurice, LA


Major: Industrial Technology with minor in Business


Classification:  Senior


Military Background:   Served on active duty in the Marine Corps as an 0811 Artillery Crewman. Served from 2004 to 2008 with 2 deployments to Iraq during that period.


Why did you choose UL Lafayette:  I was born and raised just outside of Lafayette and so UL Lafayette is my hometown school. I love the community feel the university has combined with a quality education system.


Talk about any extracurricular involvement you are in:  I am President of the Student Veterans Organization and also Secretary of Military-Connected Students within the Student Government Association. I am also a student member of the American Society of Safety Professionals.  


What is the biggest lesson you've learned since transitioning out of the military:     I am not alone and how transition the authoritative leadership skills I learned in the Marines to servant leadership that is now needed in the civilian sector.


Any advice to pass along to fellow student-veterans or any veterans thinking of going to school:  It's important to realize that individuals/companies do not owe you a career when you get out of the service. However,  they do owe you the opportunity to compete. Attending school will give you the additional ammunition needed when competing for a job/career.

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Hometown: New Orleans
Major: Criminal Justice/ Child and Family Studies
Classification: Graduating Senior/ Fall 2018
Military Background: United States Army- Private First Class (PFC-E4)
Why did I choose UL: I chose the University of Louisiana at Lafayette because of all the great things the university does for veterans. I first came to UL as one of their Veteran Upward Bound program (VUB).
Extracurricular Activities:
- President of the Criminal Justice Society- Fall 2018
- Honor Graduate- Fall 2018
- Outstanding Graduate in Criminal Department- Fall 2018
- President/ Dean List
- Student Veteran Organization
- National Council of Family Relations  (NCFR)
- American Association of University Women (AAUW)
- Phi Theta Kappa Honor Graduate- Fall 2016
The biggest lesson I have learned since transitioning out of the military is do not be afraid to seek help from other veterans.
My advice to fellow veterans thinking about going to school is have that same drive like they did when they wanted to become apart of the Armed Forces. They were afraid to  go to Basic Training but they pushed through it and became a "Soldier". It is the same concept with education use that same energy to become a "Graduate."