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Hometown:   Maurice, LA


Major: Industrial Technology with minor in Business


Classification:  Senior


Military Background:   Served on active duty in the Marine Corps as an 0811 Artillery Crewman. Served from 2004 to 2008 with 2 deployments to Iraq during that period.


Why did you choose UL Lafayette:  I was born and raised just outside of Lafayette and so UL Lafayette is my hometown school. I love the community feel the university has combined with a quality education system.


Talk about any extracurricular involvement you are in:  I am President of the Student Veterans Organization and also Secretary of Military-Connected Students within the Student Government Association. I am also a student member of the American Society of Safety Professionals.  


What is the biggest lesson you've learned since transitioning out of the military:     I am not alone and how transition the authoritative leadership skills I learned in the Marines to servant leadership that is now needed in the civilian sector.


Any advice to pass along to fellow student-veterans or any veterans thinking of going to school:  It's important to realize that individuals/companies do not owe you a career when you get out of the service. However,  they do owe you the opportunity to compete. Attending school will give you the additional ammunition needed when competing for a job/career.

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