In October of 2019, Director of Athletics Bryan Maggard revealed a strategic plan to help improve the athletic department. The plan extends until 2022 but has already begun this year, and the Ragin’ Cajuns athletic department believes the changes they’ve made have been a success.

The “Let’s Geaux” plan took plenty of time and work to come about. The plan has three strategic priorities, nine goals and 27 objectives. The strategic priorities are student-athlete experience, fiscal and facility management and UL Lafayette culture.

Under those three umbrellas are different goals. Some of the goals include establishing a budget, generating resources and developing student-athletes. Under the goals are the objectives and ways to reach them.

As of today, the athletic department has already successfully completed 15 of the 27 objectives. One objective under the developing student-athlete goal was to achieve the top finish in the Sun Belt Conference standings in community service.

Unfortunately, this objective was not met this year. Louisiana finished in fifth place with roughly 4,000 hours of community service.

An objective that was achieved, however, was to supplement health-related educational programming and present information to all sports programs.

The athletic department achieved this by having department-wide programming for all sports. These included mental health training and nutrition education. They hope to do the same for every semester.

Maggard believes 2020 has been a rough and different year for everyone, including the athletic department, but is proud of the way they tackled the year.

“I am extremely proud of our coaches, student-athletes and staff for staying committed to academic and competitive excellence while maintaining a focus on the health and safety of themselves and others,” Maggard said.

The athletic department is constantly monitoring the ongoing process of the remaining goals and objectives, and the plan’s progress is easily trackable and measurable.

"One emphasis we have as a department is to provide updates to our fans and the general public as both a means of transparency and way to help Cajun Nation stay connected with our achievements,” Maggard said. “We look forward to continuing our positive momentum into the 2021 calendar year and our winter and spring sports seasons.”

If you’re interested in donating to the athletic department, you’ll be helping the UL Lafayette culture strategic priority. This cULture is all about enhancing meaningful connections between Ragin’ Cajun Athletics, the university and the community.

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