Levi Lewis

As the 2020 football season continues, quarterback Levi Lewis proves himself to be a spotlight player. 

Standing at 5’10, 184 pounds and with a dominant left hand, Lewis defies all odds as he plays while listed on the watchlist for the Manning Award, Davey O’Brien Award, and the Maxwell Award. He currently has 896 passing yards with a 57.9% completion rating during this season. Being named to all three of these watchlists makes him only one of 21 quarterbacks. 

When asked about this accomplishment, Levi stated, “It’s an honor to be on the watchlist for all those awards. It’s an honor and a blessing that I thank God for every day as well as the guys around me. My teammates staying who they are. I’m really surrounded by good people. Hats off to everybody around me.”

With winning the Warrick Dunn Award in high school, Levi Lewis is no stranger to awards. During his career at Scotlandville Magnet High School, Lewis achieved the title of a three-star dual-threat quarterback.

 The previously three-star, dual threat, award-winning quarterback showed plenty of potential for success in college but claims he learned tremendously since playing for the Ragin’ Cajuns. 

“Once you know what you’re doing and once you know what the defense is doing, it helps you play faster,” Lewis said. “It keeps you ahead and gives you tips on how everybody is tied together. For the most part, I have learned a lot mentally and took a big step from high school to college.”

The Cajuns became ranked in both major polls for the first time in program history this season. The last time they were ranked was in 1943 when they were known as the Southwestern Louisiana Institute Bulldogs. 

“It was a big step up for the whole organization. It was a big deal, but I want to keep the team focused,” Lewis said. “I want us to stay focused and not worry if we are ranked or not. The goal is to win each week.”

The season shines bright for the Cajuns as they remain No. 1 in the Sun Belt Conference with a 3-1 record. 

COVID-19 has changed the way football fans and players are able to participate. For Cajuns’ fans, limited attendance is mandatory for their home games. With the Cajuns introductory ranked season, excitement is drawing faster and fans want to show up and support. Not only are the fans affected, but the team is affected both on and off the field in unison. 

During the game against Georgia State, the Cajuns had nine players out due to Covid-related issues. 

“The leadership level of the players was high,” Lewis said. “The young guys acted like coaches both on and off the field and it showed when it came down to losing our guys that week.”

Due to COVID-19 related issues, the Ragin’ Cajuns and the Appalachian State Mountaineers had to postpone their highly anticipated game. Appalachian State has won against the Cajuns back-to-back in the Sun Belt Championship and their quarterback, Zachary Thomas, is also listed on the watchlist to the same awards as Lewis. With both quarterbacks listed to the same awards and the Cajuns wanting to prove themselves, Lewis was asked if there was any sense of rivalry:

“I don’t see any rivalry between me and Zac. It’s just good old competition.” 

Lewis responded to the question of rivalry between the two teams with: “I don’t see it as a rivalry between our teams either. Appalachian State may look at us as just another game and see us as the underdogs.”

With the Cajuns’ 3-1 record this season, the underdog persona looks bleak. 

Levi Lewis has played sports since he was 4 and looks to continue his career in football, whether that be on the field or off. 

When asked about what his future looks like, he stated,“I want to stay on the football side of business and ultimately own my own NFL team through moving up the ladder and hard work. I want to stick with football because I have been doing it my whole life and it’s something I love.”


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