Murgia and Saviano won, what a pleasure for Toti and Sinner: so, today…

– The investigation of Genoa he is giving us the plastic image of how thousands of errors can hide in the files of an investigation and that therefore taking every word at face …

Murgia and Saviano won, what a pleasure for Toti and Sinner: so, today...

– The investigation of Genoa he is giving us the plastic image of how thousands of errors can hide in the files of an investigation and that therefore taking every word at face value is the worst of errors. Remember the case of the incorrect report of Roberto Spinelli, that we have seen the word “lawful” changed to “unlawful”? Here it is: the prosecutor's office software has fallen for it again. Another of the suspects, Angelo Arturo Testa, found the word “boat” instead of “bar” in the document (and considering that everything revolves around Spinelli's yacht, it is not a typo at all). But above all, explains the lawyer, “when we talk about the change of accommodation that would have been requested in the public housing in Genoa” in exchange for votes, “the reason is transcribed as 'there were too many soldiers' while Arturo Testa said that there was too much 'humidity'”. A word that can be misinterpreted, given that it is contested here the aggravating mafia: hypothesizing that someone wants to move house due to the excessive presence of soldiers can make one think that they wanted to escape from the police for who knows what shady reason. Instead it was banal humidity. I repeat: how can we trust in the face of such egregious errors?

– A group of feminists unidentified sent a letter to denounce misogynistic behavior during the pro-Palestinian occupations at the University of Bologna. You have to laugh out loud: apparently, thehealthy children of the patriarchy” I am also among the antifa.

– From the letter emerge alleged pressure from pro-Palestinian movements not to reveal violent behavior in order not to “betray the cause”. “We are unconditionally on the side of Palestine and its resistance. We do not accept that the power of decolonial squares is undermined by silenced behavior regarding abuser”. And again: “We say it clearly: those who spit on the cause are not the people who suffer violence or speak up for it, but the violent males who carry it out, together with the community that protects them. If it becomes more important for the community to protect one's self-styled partner in his act of violence, then we are reiterating the same patriarchal mechanisms that we say we want to break down.” The pro-Pal patriarchy, and so on silenced. How wonderful.

– Tomorrow at La7, at Otto e Mezzo, he will be there Matteo Salvini with Massimo Giannini and Lilli Gruber. It will be fun.

Musk opens up to adult content on X. All in all, considering the photographs found on all social networks, not much changes.

– Won Michela Murgia And Roberto Saviano. Their outbursts have won, their seeing fascists everywhere, even where there is not even a shadow of them. Remember the Navy raiders? Do you remember the glorious Comsubin corps, decorated with the gold medal, authors of numerous military missions and still today the elite corps of our army? Well, during the parade on June 2nd this year, in a very unusual way, they did not shout their cry “TENTH”, as they always do, as they passed under the authorities' stage. Why? Mystery. The Defense, Navy and General Staff deny that an actual ban has been issued. There are those who speculate that it was a way to avoid identifying with Roberto Vannacci, the general candidate with the League for the European elections who for days has been inviting us to put a “tithe”, i.e. an X, on the Northern League symbol. To tell the truth, however, if there is anyone who has transformed that legitimate cry into a substitute for fascism, it is precisely Michela Murgia And Roberto Saviano. Last year the late writer came out with the hypothesis that the soldiers had given the Roman salute right under Meloni and La Russa and that that “Decima” was a hymn to the Decima Mas of the Italian Social Republic of commander Junio ​​Valerio Borghese. The result was a controversy as absurd as it was long-lasting, with Saviano supporting Murgia's bizarre theses even though the video and documentary evidence had denied any “normalization” of fascism: the “Roman salute” was in reality a banal military signal, the memory was reported to the Kingdom's Navy Corps which operated until 1943 and the cry “tithe” had also been heard in previous years. Even in front of George Napolitano And Laura Boldrini. This is why it is surprising that this year the tradition has disappeared. It doesn't matter where the order came from. What is certain is that today the fans of Murgia and Saviano rejoice at the idea that the storm of a year ago has effectively extinguished, Vannacci or not, the flame of the Decima. It was a hoax, let's be clear. But for an incomprehensible reason someone this year preferred to avoid useless chatter. As if the best way not to hear specious controversies squawking was to circumvent or abolish them in style cancel culturesrather than denying.

– The letter from John Toti to the Regional Council on the occasion of the failed no-confidence vote presented by the opposition should be read and reread. Especially in some parts of it, such as when he states that the left has tried to “exploit the echo of an investigation which at the moment is only such”. “There is a policy that, instead of defending its own prerogatives, autonomous and parallel to those of the other powers of the State, makes it a megaphone or spare wheel, in the hope of collecting some crumbs. What a disappointment for the heirs of a tradition that had made the centrality of politics its guiding star, to find themselves today stammering and repeating what they read in the newspapers about an investigation yet to be verified.” Perfect.

– The motion of no confidence against Toti is rejected. The president remains in his place and does not resign. It is still too early to say, but if the governor manages to keep the bar straight and emerge from house arrest while still in office, perhaps it will mark a turning point in the relationship between politics and the judiciary in this run-down country. Perhaps it will be the famous “precedent” that will allow many others, hopefully all of them, not to have to resign just because a magistrate, with who knows what clues, has hypothesized who knows what crimes.

Sinner number 1 in the world.

Let's make amends: some time ago we wrote that we had to wait for him to win something and climb to the top of the rankings to praise him, even if only to prevent him from getting burned. He got there sooner than we imagined. Congratulations, Jannik.