Cycling in the middle of the night from the center of Milan to Lake Maggiore: it will be the cyclists' night. The «Bike Nights» have reached their tenth anniversary and the organizers have announced the calendar of the new tours which from Ferrara to Udine will bring night cyclists, as always, to Milan on Saturday 6 July. One hundred kilometers from midnight to dawn, a long ride to Arona following the Navigli, following the waters until touching the Ticino, beyond the Panperduto dam. For those who are not afraid of the dark, for those who have never gone this far, it will be the right night to try and dare. The event is organized by Witoor who has always illuminated the nights of the Italian summer with night rides on the most beautiful cycle paths in the country. Bike nights evoke the charm of cycling from the past and bring the world of cyclists together by sharing many different ways of cycling. We leave at midnight and arrive at dawn after a “journey” which for many is a small undertaking worth telling. A real “bike festival”, thanks to the protected cycle path and a formula that offers a unique experience to every type of cyclist. «In 2024 Bike Night celebrates the milestone of its tenth edition – he explains Simone Dovigo, president Witoor, – and now proposes a new, authentic and passionate way of cycling. For us, the bike is first and foremost a democratic and social tool: anyone can travel by bike, and we have never liked trends and barriers. The bike belongs to everyone, always, at all hours: with Bike Night we have ignited the passion for cycle tourism in many people who had never traveled 100 kilometres. And we have chosen new formats such as cycling at night: a magical and surprising experience that has been able to enhance lesser-known areas of our country.” Bike Night wants to unite people, the real attraction of the event, with their stories that transform a night ride into a continuous surprise: the night rides are illuminated by a transversal community, young and old, with a high female presence, always curious to experience the territories in a genuine way and meet other people with the desire to travel. Because everyone pedals at Bike Night: those who want to cycle at any time of the day, are not afraid of the dark, want to experience an authentic way of cycling. A push that intercepts the desire for increasingly engaging and unconventional cycling experiences: «We want to continue to share the emotions of our vision of the bike – concludes Dovigo – from the magic of the journey and the unusual time, to the night illuminated only by lights of cyclists, and what you don't see, you hear.” The distance of 100 km is considered the limit for those who have not yet undertaken long-distance bike journeys, but it is truly within everyone's reach: only 1% on average drop out.