The beasts of ISIS and Ramadan at school

In the month of Ramadan the Italian and Lombard schools are zealous and the families and managements, more Islamic than the Islamic, close everything unanimously as in Pioltello. To “get along”, for a misunderstood spirit …

The beasts of ISIS and Ramadan at school

In the month of Ramadan the Italian and Lombard schools are zealous and the families and managements, more Islamic than the Islamic, close everything unanimously as in Pioltello. To “get along”, for a misunderstood spirit of inclusion completely ignorant of the interlocutor, of dynamics, on the level of elementary logic. In fact, it is not enough and already in Cremona, in another institute, there is an attempt to impose a diet, sacred fasting, the blocking of questions, in fact the suspension of all teaching since “the students have little energy”.

It is sometimes legitimate to doubt Putin's soul, but he has no uncertainties and blames Kiev, blames Zelensky, for tactical reasons so obvious that there is no need to explain them. If he is right, if the massacres really come from Ukraine, no problem, so to speak. If, on the other hand, and as ISIS's findings and claims increasingly seem to demonstrate, the matrix is ​​Islamic, then we all have a problem, but as big as the world, not as big as a house. Putin has it, and the inclusive West has it to his detriment. Because sooner or later this West of ostriches will have to realize that inclusion is useless with those who do not include themselves at any cost and shed blood even in the heart of a country, immense, profound, which prefers annexation to inclusion, 'incorporation.

Well, it doesn't work. Putin announces harsh repression and ruthless revenge: he knows very well that Russia does not have a society, it is still stuck, socially, in the rubble of communism like the Italian earthquakes of which the ruins remain held together by scaffolding, by beams, even after decades. Russian society does not existthere is instead a koiné, a sense of belonging that descends from the great European culture, from the European tradition of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and it is what Putin (unfortunately) claims to eradicate by drowning it in the dirty water of an anti-Westernism polluted by woke, by 'America, by what is claimed.

Putin wants to position himself as the guardian of a part of Islamism, the Shiite one, Iranian, and it is no coincidence that the bizarre, incredible solidarity that came to him after the massacre came from Hamas. But we know that Putin supports Hamas in various ways. Except that Islam is not just Hamas, it is a galaxy of ruthless factions, a free-for-all that is impossible not to subjugate, but even to govern. At this point, Putin has a colossal emergencyat least potential, both in terms of credibility and possibility: sees the war fronts multiply and at the same time the discontent of the people. The Russian services fell short. The challenge in the heart of Moscow also has a terrible symbolic value.

The president displays contempt and distance from the weak West, cowardly, presents itself as the only alternative, but in the meantime an apocalyptic terrorism is rediscovered in the belly which is the same one that is plaguing Europe: for the purposes of conquest, let it be clear. We wrote it a few days ago, without being able to foresee the horror: Belgium is no longer there, France is half subjugated and in any case political decisions cannot ignore the Islamic component, London is “the best place for a Muslim”, as more and more Muslims say, who live and are governed by special courts that respond exclusively to their law: Germany is no less capable of defending its citizens than Italy, where the thousand Pioltellos are indistinguishable from Molenbeek.

When in Europe they slaughter an 85-year-old priest, behead a professor, slaughter an editorial office, violate women in the street, everyone regularly apologizes. The victims apologize. The victims look within themselves for scapegoats to hate, from accusations of Islamophobia. And all this is not enough for the ruthless Muslims, he convinces them that they can sink even further like in rancid butter. Getting along? To include? Who? These are people who don't even know the word and if anything despise it. By mission he has total, global conquest, by hook or by crook. Where the good ones are submission at every level, starting from schools, and the bad ones, well, they are those seen at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow.

These are people who place absolutely no value on human life, not even your own. Not even that of their children. Going along with it is nonsense but it's indecent, shameful, whatever you want. Or you can remove everything and do as the logicians do on social media: the attack is Ukrainian, but even if it were true that it was ISIS, it is still Ukrainian because ISIS is America in disguise and America instigates Ukraine. Good, problem solved. If it is not, just establish some peace list, which will surely have its effects. For those who founded it.

Putin for his part knows perfectly how to deal with a soft West, with an EU which, in fact, has not bothered him, has facilitated him in every way, beyond the formulas of the increasingly shaky Baroness. While there is no way to deal with anyone who is not from the West. Except that in the meantime 143 have died in vain, because these, moreover, died in vain, deaths to be lost, deaths to be thrown away. And we too died a little with them, for the umpteenth time. is also on Whatsapp. Simply click here to subscribe to the channel and always be updated (free).