Eight hours up and down the stairs of Palazzo Pirelli, headquarters of the Lombardy Regional Council, to raise funds and help fight ALS. Fabrizio Amicabile, 64 years old, from Mantua from Ponti sul Mincio, he is an ultrarunner who puts solidarity first in his endeavors. Forever. On Friday he will try to “climb” the Pirellone with the aim of climbing (and descending) up to 32 thousand steps which will be used to raise funds with a crowdfunding linked to the “Vertical Run for Charity” already active on the platform “Gofundme”. All proceeds will be donated to three Brescia-based organisations: theHemopathic Child Association (ABE), the Italian Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association (AISLA) and the «Saveriocrea» Onlus Association. The project, supported by the Lombardy Regional Council, aims to lend a hand to those who work daily in the fight against Sla, in supporting hemopathic children and children with Pompe disease, a rare genetic pathology which forces those affected to live connected to breathing and eating machines and to finance scientific research to give hope of a longer and better life to those affected by rare metabolic diseases with the project #raricomefranci. Friendly he had a difficult childhood: after a fall as a child he fell ill with epilepsy and continuous seizures marked his childhood and adolescence. In this sense, running helped him a lot both from a physical and social point of view. From village races he moved on to medium distances, then to more demanding challenges, to marathons, ultra marathons and even with some records like the one that saw him complete the lap of Lake Garda, almost 150 km, in 17 hours and 43 minutes . But, if in a certain sense running had “saved his life”, the need was to give a sense of solidarity to his passion. So Amicabile started running more for others than for himself. In 1998 he participated in the relay Rome-Verona to raise funds for heart transplant recipients; in 2014 at Peschiera-Rome, 450 kilometers in 73 hours to raise awareness of ALS prevention and research; five years later he ran the Verona-Paris in 17 days with the aim of raising funds for research into amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In the summer of 2023 you participated in the relay Agrigento-Venice, 1800 km in 35 stages to raise awareness and shine a spotlight on sclerosis sufferers and the difficulties encountered by their families. «I feel like a lucky person – he explains – I started life in a difficult way but I was pardoned and when I run I think of those who can't do what I do, so it comes naturally to me to run for others. For me, running to raise awareness of the problems of sick people has become normal, illnesses require determination and responsibility from the whole of society.” He hopes that this Vertical Run on the Pirellone will become a permanent event: on Friday he will try to climb as many steps as possible in the eight hours of running, setting a first “record” to beat which will be certified by a notary. “And this will give anyone who wants to beat me in the next few years the opportunity to raise more funds for research…”