Only one bike in the lead… And without bothering champions like Coppi, Gimondi and Pantani who with the “light blue” Bianchi bikes have won everything there was to win, that of the company founded in Milan in 1885 by Edoardo Bianchi is a piece of history that belongs to our country and to the Lombardy region, largely written in Treviglio and relaunched from Treviglio. In the era of delocalisation, Bianchi “pedals” into the future with an industrial and technological regeneration presented a few days ago in the new factory in the Battaglie area by the owner Salvatore Grimaldi and by the new CEO Marco Gentili. A challenge, a territorial redevelopment project that in 24 months led to the creation of a new factory aligned with Industry 5.0 standards, thanks to sustainable and cutting-edge solutions that allow the production of 500 bicycles per shift on a completely digitalized production line. «I am proud of this new factory which best represents our innovative spirit – explains the Cavaliere del Lavoro Salvatore Grimaldi, Apulian who emigrated to Sweden and is now owner of the Grimaldi Industri AB Group which acquired Bianchi years ago. We are inaugurating one of the most advanced production plants in the world and we have invested not only in a factory, but in our new home. The future of Bianchi starts here.” 200 people are employed in the new Bianchi production center with an average age of 35 and where women represent 40% of the workers. The factory has a green soul, thanks to a 500 kW photovoltaic system which guarantees energy autonomy during the summer period and all system management functions are automatically controlled. The project was built “around the workers” with an internal temperature constantly around 23 degrees, with an ergonomic review of the workstations, with a study of the work phases and with the aid of advanced technologies. Then there is the creation of an internal Academy which will be used for the continuous training of staff. Furthermore, inside the renovated headquarters there is also space for the new Bianchi showroom with the presence of the most iconic historical models. «When I purchased Bianchi from the Agnelli family in 1997 – recalled Grimaldi – the newspapers screamed in horror, making me feel bad about being resident in Sweden: they said that foreigners had gotten their hands on an Italian jewel. But I am Italian and now I am proud to inaugurate this factory where we want to bring back many productions currently present in the Far East”