“More AI for young people”: here is realme GT6

2024 started with many new features from realme, which is aiming heavily at the Italian market with a range of products for all budgets. The latest in the series is the return of …

"More AI for young people": here is realme GT6

2024 started with many new features from realme, which is aiming heavily at the Italian market with a range of products for all budgets. The latest in the series is the return of the GT series to Italy, with the launch of realme GT6 in Milan in a global event. On this occasion Chase Xu, Global Vice President of the Chinese company, gave an interview to the “Giornale”.

Mister Xu, why a world event in Milan?
“Milan is renowned as a global center for fashion, design and innovation, and this aligns perfectly with realme’s commitment to offering high-level performance and differentiated design elements to young people. Our mission is to enable young users around the world to enjoy technological experiences that exceed expectations.”

In short, Italy is an important country for your market.
“Of course, it has a special place in our strategy thanks to its technology community and knowledgeable consumer base. We are eager to engage with our audiences here in a meaningful way, and this event represents a significant step, especially in connecting with young people in this region of the world.”

Compared to the other products launched this year, how is the GT6 positioned?
“We called it a Flagship Killer Powered by AI, and is specifically aimed at young, tech-savvy consumers who want to explore new innovations at an affordable price. The GT6 is particularly targeted at those who want to enter the flagship segment for the first time.”

Flagship, but entry level.
“Exact. The smartphone offers top-notch specifications and advanced features without the premium price. So we ensure that more and more users can experience the cutting-edge technology and performance that realme is known for.”

Today everyone is talking about artificial intelligence: you have already introduced some features in the recent 12 series. What are the features on the GT6?
“Always with younger users in mind, we focus on developing and implementing AI capabilities in areas such as assistants, imaging and efficiency to create differentiated and impactful capabilities.”

For example?
“First, understanding that young people love to capture and share their experiences, we implemented the industry’s first AI Night Vision Mode for video recording. This feature allows users to shoot clear videos even in extremely dark environments. By combining advanced AI algorithms with high-performance chips, the smartphone essentially acts as a Best Party Companion to capture clear videos in clubs and bars.”

And then?
“realme GT 6 features AI Smart Loop to boost productivity: it recognizes screen content, anticipates user intent, and makes precise recommendations for the next step. It also significantly reduces smartphone operation steps, offering direct one-click access for a seamless user experience. Finally, to minimize eye strain, the smartphone is equipped with a system that intelligently adjusts screen settings based on usage patterns and ambient light conditions.”

How does it work?
“For nighttime use, a special Sleep Mode automatically shifts the screen to warmer colors, aligning with the body’s natural sleep rhythms for more comfortable viewing and better sleep quality.”

In practice, an increasingly smart device.
“We want to democratize AI technology for young users globally. By integrating these advanced features into GT 6, we strive to make AI more accessible, practical and beneficial. We want to be a leader in AI adoption.”

So what differentiates you from the competition?
“The GT series devices are a bit like those cars that have all the options but manage to enter the market at an affordable price. This product stands out with its powerful Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 chipset, the world’s brightest display with 6000 nits, exceptional battery life with 50% charge in just 10 minutes and superior imaging capabilities thanks to Sony LYT-808 OIS Camera, which offers the best night photos with its large 1/1.4″ sensor.

And how do you limit the price?
“There are some sacrifices we’ve had to make. We had several innovative AI features in the works, but due to time constraints, some of these will be rolled out in future updates rather than being available at launch. However, we are committed to improving the user experience with these future updates.”

How important is it for you to bring a varied offering to the market?
“Every product we design is tailored to meet the specific needs of a particular user group, rather than simply to increase brand awareness. For example, the realme GT 6 offers flagship features at an affordable price, making it perfect for those who wish to enter the high-end smartphone market and who prioritize value for money without compromising technology. By targeting distinct user groups agamo as a popularizer of the technology in the market.”

At the beginning of the year you declared that realme would invest in research & development: where are you at in your growth plans?
“realme has set ambitious goals for growth and innovation, and I’m pleased to say that we are making significant progress. At the beginning of 2024 our Founder and CEO Sky Li outlined our commitment to increase R&D investments by 470%. In Europe, we are already seeing the fruits of our labor, with realme emerging as one of the top 4 smartphone brands.”

So you see possibilities for great growth
“Notoriously, in key markets such as Spain, Italy and Poland we have consistently occupied positions among the top five companies in the sector. Looking ahead, our goals are even higher: we want to be like one of the top 3 smartphone brands in the EU within the next three years. This goal is not just about market shares; It’s about our commitment to providing exceptional products and experiences to improve people’s lives. In essence, we are just getting started: with innovation at our core and the unwavering support of our team and customers, we are confident in our ability to continue driving realme to success.”

Availability and price

The new realme GT 6 is available from today in the 16+512 Gb version (paired

with Buds Air 6 headphones and 120W charger) at the price of 699.99 euros which is discounted by 100 euros at launch. From tomorrow, June 21st, the 8+256 (549.99 euro) and 12+256 (599.99 euro) models will also be on sale on Amazon.