So Hamas can stop the war

But why do I have to pay a fee, a high one at that, to be misinformed and/or deformed? Is it possible that not even with the right in government will it be possible to …

so Hamas can stop the war

But why do I have to pay a fee, a high one at that, to be misinformed and/or deformed? Is it possible that not even with the right in government will it be possible to relieve citizens of this most odious tax? And you pass through the Sanremo gayates, you pass through the propaganda broadcasts entrusted to sinister militants, you pass through the annoying advertising breaks which only serve to bring more money to the overpaid Raisti and which are justified only on commercial networks. But should the information also be a mockery of the taxpayer?

For example, why is Russia's attack on Ukraine such an abject aggression that it merits the continuous sending of money and weapons to Zelensky, while Hamas' attack on Israel is, all things considered, venial? Why do I have to convince myself that my impoverishment from boycotting business with Putin and Netanyahu is right and proper? Why is the civilian casualty count fed to me every day the one provided by Zelensky and Hamas? Why do correspondents in Russian-speaking Donbass interview only pro-Ukrainian people? In reality I know the answer, and I have reported it several times on this site. What I didn't expect is the global uprising against Israel. But here too, by reasoning, the answer can be found. American woke thinking is nothing more than Marxism with another name, just like everything that is left-wing in our country. The common denominator is the mortal hatred of the capitalist West, which makes people even willing to cut their hair just to spite it. That is, rooting for Sharia.

Israel is a piece of the West in the Islamic sea, hence the hatred. The gratuitous and Taliban-like brutality of Hamas in its treacherous attack (women, old people, children and rapes and beheadings) aimed at nullifying the Abraham Accords have provoked a reaction from Israel – as per calculation – and here, from the UN downwards, Biden including everyone to attack the Israelis. However, they do not hide missiles in hospitals and schools, nor do they shield civilians. They only want their hostages back and are willing to make an unequal exchange: hundreds of terrorist prisoners for each hostage. Nope. The message that gets across is that Jewish Nazis are bombing defenseless Palestinians. But no one to suggest to Israel another way to free its hostages. The dialogue? The negotiations? With whom, with those? They were almost there, but then Biden practically authorized the UN to order a ceasefire on Gaza and Hamas, happy, withdrew its offer.

Nice Shot. Biden, it is known, has personal elective problems with the Muslims of America. The Europeans, after having filled their districts with Muslims, don't even have the problem of votes, but that of having their throats cut. The poor Palestinians? At least with their numbers they could rebel against Hamas, which also seizes their (our) aid. But no. The Israeli army misses its aim and kills seven cooperators? Everyone tearing their clothes. Hamas could spare its people any suffering by releasing the hostages. Instead he holds them tight, and no one accuses him of being the cause of everything that happened. All Muslims, wherever they are, stand in solidarity… with Muslims, whoever they are. And I pay the fee to hear Zelensky's and Hamas's version, and only that. The only consolation – if you can call it that – is that I know history and I know that Israel does not forget. He already knows his enemies. Now he is recognizing friends. is also on Whatsapp. Simply click here to subscribe to the channel and always be updated (free).