Stress-Free Vacations from Cleaning. Here’s What to Do Before and After Departure

Finally after a year of work getting organized for the holidays becomes a moment full of expectations due to the desire to unplug for a few days, even if the specter of returning …

Stress-Free Vacations from Cleaning. Here's What to Do Before and After Departure

Finally after a year of work getting organized for the holidays becomes a moment full of expectations due to the desire to unplug for a few days, even if the specter of returning often looms even before departure. Coming back after a period of relaxation and finding the house dirty and messy is not something you hope for, in the same way cleaning it first only to find it full of dust and doing double work is not advisable either. But now a solution is possible.

The watchword is organization

All it takes is a little organization and the help of some tools that can do it for us. We have technology on our side that allows us to give ourselves a big hand and return home breathing a sigh of relief as soon as we cross the door with our suitcases.

Pre-departure organization

Leaving and returning peacefully knowing you will find a clean, disinfected and shiny house is already a lot so all that remains is, a few days before the holiday, to follow small steps before setting the alarm, closing the front door and starting the holiday. Here are which ones:

Empty the refrigerator and freezer by giving them a quick clean with water and vinegar. This will prevent the formation of mold. If you have a refrigerator with a “vacation” mode, remember to activate it to reduce electricity consumption. To be safe, it is also always a good idea to place a rag on the floor near the refrigerator to avoid any possible dripping.

Consume everything in the pantry, starting a few weeks before. Especially fruit, vegetables and perishable foods. It would also be advisable to consume opened packets of pasta, biscuits, dried fruit to avoid the arrival of ants or even worse, the hated moths.

Washing dirty laundry. Avoid leaving the dirty laundry basket full. Just organize yourself with a few extra washes a few days before. This way you can avoid unpleasant odors and the proliferation of bacteria.

Throw away all the garbage. This is essential to avoid going back in and risking a sickness due to the smell. As a tip, take out the organic waste bag before the suitcases so as not to forget it. Paper, cardboard and plastic can instead safely stay at home even if it would be better not to forget to throw them away too.

Cover the bed and sofa with old sheets or towels it will avoid the accumulation of dust and when you return you will just have to remove them and put everything in the washing machine.

Unplug all plugs and electronic devices in addition to small devices both to prevent summer storms from causing serious damage, but also to save electricity

Turn off water and gas for security reasons.

Remember to water the plants and leave a good supply of water to avoid finding them dry. There are many methods to do this, from plastic bottles turned upside down with small holes that drip to special tanks that can be purchased at any supermarket.

Clean “remotely”

And during the holidays? Just as it is possible to work without physically being in the office, now it is also possible for cleaning with some devices that can solve this problem even remotely. So while we are lying on the beach or taking a relaxing walk in the mountains, someone in our city house is working tirelessly for us. One of the best products on the market capable of this “magic” is the family Roborock, with its know-how in the production of ultra-intelligent robotic devices for cleaning the house and for every type of need, whether we have children or even animals.

Leave without problems

These are devices that allow you to leave even at the last minute without worrying about tidying up toys, shoes or other objects scattered on the floor. In fact, you can plan cleaning directly from the airport or from your holiday home simply by programming it via an app, setting areas to avoid, reporting particular types of floors to the robot and verifying that the obstacles reported on the map are correct.

One of the most used is the S8 MaxV UltraRoborock’s most advanced robot vacuum cleaner, which, thanks to the Reactive AI 2.0 system, recognizes and avoids up to 73 types of obstaclesand with technology Lidar integrated, makes mapping environments quick. Thanks to the intuitive app, you can manage by customizing daily cleaning programs, modulating their intensity so as to avoid waste, while keeping the house clean.

For example, if you are away for a few days and only a little dust accumulates, you can set the robot to the minimum suction power and speed up the cleaning time. In any case, most Roborock smart devices allow you to speed up the mapping of the home and start the smart cleaning program, relying on the automatic settings of the feature Smart Plan.

For those who have pets at home

There is more than just cleaning. Those who have pets at home, especially cats that are more complicated to take on vacation and leave them in the care of a pet sister, thanks to the Roborock device Qrevo MaxVyou can not only clean them but also control them remotely thanks to a video call.

But not only that, this device is able to identify and recognize animals present in the house, activating a special function to not scare them, stopping the main brush and moving sideways. The integrated camera will also allow you to take photos so you don’t miss them, even when you are traveling.

Self-cleaning devices

Even if you stay out for a long time, the cleaning quality will remain impeccable thanks to the 3.0 multifunctional charging station like the one in Qrevo Master which intelligently cleans and disinfects the mops and base after each use. The charging station washes the cloths with hot water at 60° C, sanitizing them completely and then dries them with hot air at 45° C.

Even just for dust accumulation, the bag is emptied continuously for up to seven weeks.

Of course, the entire Roborock range does not stop working when you return from vacation, but it will allow us to have a relaxed life and shiny floors all year round.