The fact that worries Schlein, now free Toti and Vannacci: therefore, today…

– The final data on preferences, with Melons which is close to 2.5 million votes, is sensational. Not only because Giorgia surpasses the exploit of Matteo Salvini five years ago, when however the …

The fact that worries Schlein, now free Toti and Vannacci: therefore, today...

– The final data on preferences, with Melons which is close to 2.5 million votes, is sensational. Not only because Giorgia surpasses the exploit of Matteo Salvini five years ago, when however the League obtained a decidedly higher percentage of support than FdI yesterday. But also because the prime minister ran alone it would be worth about 10%. More than the Five Star Movement.

– Who gave her up for dead League he hadn't reckoned with Roberto Vannacci. Despite the internal discontent, Salvini is right: if the general received half a million preferences, equal to a quarter of the total votes of the Northern League, it means that voters inside or outside the party liked it. Anyone who claims otherwise is lying. Without the votes of the “upside down world” the League would be under the Greens and Left Alliance.

John Toti requests the revocation of home, as the conditions for detention no longer exist. Not only does escape appear unthinkable. Not only is the possible contamination of the evidence unimaginable, given that these facts date back to several years ago. But now even the excuse of the upcoming elections, with which Toti could have repeated the crime, no longer holds up. Obviously it was an exaggerated, media-driven, senseless arrest. At least have the decency to set him free now.

– Not all evils have a silver lining, of course in the case of Ilaria Salis. The young anti-fascist activist, in fact, until a year ago was struggling between illegal occupations and teaching on a precarious job. After the arrest in Hungary and the successful candidacy in Avs, from tomorrow you will be a European parliamentarian. Which not only means “freedom” in all respects, but also a significant leap in taxable income: Ilaria will collect 10,075.18 euros gross and 7,853.89 euros net, after deducting EU taxes and social security contributions . Added to these are the allowances: a monthly allowance of 4,950 euros for various expenses and 350 euros per day for each day spent at the European Parliament for official activities. If that's not enough, at 63 you will be able to enjoy a pension equal to 3.5% of the allowance for each year of your mandate. Viktor, can you jail me too?

– What a fuss about Carola Racketein which Ilaria Salis's little game failed. Die Linke, by nominating the anti-Salvini captain, halved her support and the activist says she is shocked by the advance of the right. Welcome to the real world, sailor.

– The surprise move of Emmanuel Macron, which dissolved the Assembly without even waiting for official data, is both a gamble and a stroke of genius. A gamble, because he risks finding himself Jordan Bardella to the government. A half-stroke of genius because if this were to happen, it would force Le Pen to test her power, which is usually exhausting: the hope is to deprive the Rassemblement National of the advantage of reaching the presidential elections from the comfortable seat of the opposition.

– The author of this column repeats it at every blessed election. If the data of theabstention exceeds 50% or so, we have a problem. A democratic problem. It means that half of Italians don't care about politics and consider their vote useless to change things. It's all the fault of years of technical governments, of a rigid political system that doesn't warm hearts. So let's welcome bipolar disorder Between Georgie Melons and Elly Schlein. We ask Agcom not to interfere again, thank you.

Roberto Vannacci attacks from the front Umberto Bossi, thanks to half a million preferences. And he does the same Matteo Salvini, that the general wanted it despite the internal grumblings of the Northern League. They are both right: the Senatur should not have betrayed as a “fugitive”. But it is also true that this is an 82-year-old man, bent by ill health: perhaps reporters should stop bringing him up at every single election.

– The count of elections Europeans All things considered, it took place with a certain speed. Except where? Except in Rome. Latecomer capital, embarrassed nation.

– After the electoral shock and the election of Ilaria Salisto Bonelli And Fratoianni the clutch is slipping. Now they are rejoicing because their party would have received over 40% among the away university students. Two notes. The first is of a technical nature: only 3% of eligible students showed up to vote. The second is of a political nature: just wait a few years and you will see that most of these, as soon as they start working, will stop voting for the left. It's a given. Otherwise it cannot be explained why – despite decades of left-wing predominance in schools and universities – in the end it is increasingly the right that wins elections.

– Someone should knock on the door of Roman Prodi. Why? The Professor was among the first to reprimand Elly Schlein And Georgie Melons when they decided to run in the European elections as leaders in their respective parties, although they had made it clear from the start that they would not move to Brussels. Both, judging by the results, won their bet: Giorgia increased consensus regarding policies, despite months of decidedly complicated government; Elly made the Democratic Party grow and chased away the ghosts of a new dem change in the secretariat. In short: Meloni triumphs and Schlein has recorded a success. But if we talk about leadership There is a fact, perhaps worrying, that Elly must keep in mind. Giorgia, who was a candidate in all the constituencies, received something like 2.4 million preferences and has demonstrated that his leadership catalyzes consensus. The same cannot be said for Schlein. Elly – who due to the internal revolt of the Democratic Party was a candidate only in the Center and in the Islands – recorded a result in terms of preferences that was not as flattering as the general leap forward of the Democratic Party. In the islands you received “only” 85 thousand votes, less than Anthony Tajani (121 thousand); while in the Center it reaches 133 thousand. A lot, but only less than half of Anthony Decaro which in the South almost reached half a million votes and also from the former competitor Stephen Bonaccini, which received 390 thousand preferences in North Eastern Italy. The dem secretary, to put it bluntly, was even surpassed by Lucia Annunziata.

– If the European elections really indicate that Italians dream of a bipolar political model, Schlein then

he would have something to worry about. Meloni “called Giorgia” she is in fact sure that she knows how to warm the hearts of Italians, but Elly is not yet. At the end of the day, her voters preferred Decaro and Bonaccini.