The left encourages clandestine landings

Felts Director,I am amazed at what the left led by Schlein and the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella are saying about gangmastering in recent days, as if the centuries-old exploitation of poor …

The left encourages clandestine landings

Felts Director,
I am amazed at what the left led by Schlein and the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella are saying about gangmastering in recent days, as if the centuries-old exploitation of poor people had been invented by the centre-right Meloni government. While the current government, in office for a year and a half, was preceded by dozens of left-wing governments, which until yesterday were unable to do anything to erase the deplorable massacre of the exploitation of the workforce, especially in our South . Why is there so much hypocrisy on the part of the PD, 5S, Greens and environmentalists, who exploit the issue of gangmastering to gain credit, with which they have coexisted for years and also gained consensus to rise to the “Chigi” without ever having won the elections. Mattarella also needs to refresh his memory; or has he also only recently discovered the plague of gangmastering, fueled by the green light for illegal immigration even in the last twenty years of “sinister” governments, out of gratitude for the renewed mandate? Dearest Feltri, as an almost ninety-year-old, I have been reading you all my life, sharing many of his points of view: I would like your opinion on those who, in the absence of healthy motivations, wash their hands in gangmastering. Thank you!
Giacomo Sironi
Reggio Emilia

Dear Giacomo,
the phenomenon of gangmastering is merely the effect of uncontrolled illegal immigration, which the left has always defended, supported and even encouraged. For decades, Italy, chained to the yoke of blackmail and moral condemnation, has adopted the policy of so-called “welcome” and it has been explained to Italians that inclusion is a duty and human, that immigrants are always resources, as Laura Boldrini told us , that we can and must open ports, arms and wallets to anyone, even and above all to those who arrive on our shores as illegal immigrants, without documents, declaring they are fleeing from the war, which almost always turns out to be untrue but which has not stopped us from spread the incorrect, improper and misleading use of defining illegal immigrants as “refugees”. Let me be clear: I have no beef with these people at all. I resent anyone who makes fun of her and doesn’t give a damn about her fate once she arrives on our territory.

The absence of legality cannot produce legality, but rather produces other irregularities, other crimes as well as exploitation, violence, abuse, deviance. The reception system has therefore facilitated organized crime, both national and I am thinking, for example, of the cooperatives responsible for hosting migrants and who ended up under investigation together with left-wing individuals who were also considered almost saints and who turned out to be unscrupulous slave traders , both transnational. But it has also generated a large pool of irregular workers, very low-cost labour, whose availability (determined by desperation, hence the shameful exploitation) has in turn damaged the market, lowering the cost of labor in certain areas and causing the the black, the submerged. The consequences of the lack of border control are now gangrenous and the blame for this situation cannot be attributed to those who are now in government, parties who have always fought against these same reception policies, highlighting the repercussions in the short and long term. medium and long term that we should have expected. They were not listened to, rather they were accused of fascism, a way now used to silence anyone who dares to speak the truth. In short, it was already everything

expected and predictable. Gangmastering, black labor, slavery, rampant crime in small and large cities, laborers available even for the mafia, destined for drug dealing and other criminal activities. There is nothing human in the welcome supported by the left. Indeed, it is the most inhuman thing that can exist, as it tells and guarantees an illusion, that of being able to enter Italy illegally and of being able to find well-being, prosperity, opportunities, a better existence here. And this is false. Instead, you find misery, exploitation, more desperation, life on the sidewalk, hunger, death. These things have not been happening since Meloni has been at Palazzo Chigi. They have been happening since the left forced Italians to absorb masses of thousands of non-EU citizens every year, under penalty of being labeled racists, fascists, monsters. And he emptied the pockets of Italians to set up the corrupt reception machine, which for several years spat out onto the street, as if it were waste, an indefinite and incalculable number of human beings. We had left-wing executives when all this was happening and being consumed.

What can an illegal immigrant do to make a living? Either he pickpockets or deals or begs or goes to work in the fields, under some ruthless boss who forces him to work 10-12 hours a day, paying him 4 euros an hour or even less.

You see, dear Giacomo, the point is that we cannot and must not welcome everyone, as progressives have always told us. We must exercise legitimate control of our borders.

To erase them or throw them open to masses of citizens coming from everywhere, thus renouncing the State one of its constituent elements and one of its prerogatives, gives rise to disorder, to a lack of rules, and causes all kinds of evil both to us who “welcome” and to those who are “welcomed”.