The Suq Festival returns to the Porto Antico of Genoa – Journey for you

26th SUQ FESTIVAL Theater of dialogue Ancient Port of Genoa – Piazza delle FesteOther places of the Festival: Barge Island, Rider's House – Historic Centre from 14 to 23 June 2024 with a theatrical preview …

The Suq Festival returns to the Porto Antico of Genoa - Journey for you

26th SUQ FESTIVAL Theater of dialogue

Ancient Port of Genoa – Piazza delle Feste
Other places of the Festival: Barge Island, Rider's House – Historic Centre from 14 to 23 June 2024 with a theatrical preview on 13 June

Theatre, music, meetings, workshops,
people's bazaar, cuisines from the world
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The 26th Suq Festival – Theater of Dialogue will take place from 13 to the June 23, 2024 at the Old Port of Genoa, in Piazza delle Feste, at the Isola delle Chiatte and in the Casa del Rider. 11 days of rich and varied program, directed by Carla Peirolero and produced by Suq Genoa Festival and Theatrewhich matters beyond that 60 events, 100 protagonists, 35 countries represented through the performing arts, literature, with a theater review at its centre 9 titles including 2 national firsts.

Souq it is an Arabic word that means “market”, therefore a place of convergence and exchange; to get to know others it is essential to know their culture, their traditions, taste different foods, share emotions around a table. This is the idea that inspired the founders in 1999. The Suq reproduces a large people's bazaar, with the stage for shows in the center and spaces all around for crafts from around the world, ethnic cuisines, solidarity projects.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture, it has had the patronage of the for 11 years Ministry of the Environment and Energy Securityconfirmed for this edition as well as the patronage of the UNESCO Italian National Commission.


Special guests of 2024 will be the representatives of the Association ELDERLY PEOPLE FOR THE CLIMATE (June 21) who saw the case against Switzerland, their country, at the European Court of Rights of man, for failure to address the climate crisis. It was the Court's first decision on the human rights obligations of States in the context of climate change, a milestone in human rights and climate justice.

Among the first festivals in Italy to put environmental issues at the forefront, with a specific focus on the connections between migration and climate change, the Suq dedicates some activities every day to promoting environmental sustainability and the Goals of the UN Agenda 2030. On these objectives, new for 2024 is a more significant collaboration with L'University of Genoa for workshops and talks aimed at different target audiences

BOOKS, WORKSHOPS, MEETINGS, DANCES, SHOWCOOKING The afternoons in the Suq are dedicated to workshops for children, dances and songs proposed by local communities and associations, meetings and book presentations. Among these, recently released, we highlight I sovereigns of food (Altreconomia) with the author Duccio Facchini (15 June) an investigation into industrial supply chains, the role of distribution and green whashing in the face of more fair and supportive behaviour; The family (edizioni e/o) of Pietro Veronese (22 June), 30 years after the Rwandan genocide, Journey into sexual customs85 countries between rights and prohibitions, transgressions and curiosities (Erga Edizioni) multi-sensory book edited by Pietro Tarallo (23), journalist, writer and tireless traveller.


Suq is an Arabic word that means market, therefore a place of convergence and exchange. This is the idea that inspired it Valentina Arcuri And Carla Peirolero in giving life to the Suq Festival, with the theatrical scenography, designed by Luca Antonucci, which reproduces a large people's bazaar, with the stage for the shows in the center and all around spaces for crafts from the world, ethnic cuisines, solidarity projects. The real magnet and attraction of the Festival is the offer of many foods to taste, in the 2024 edition there are 13 cuisines: Senegalese, Indian, Kenyan, Peruvian, Mexican, Persian, Vegan, Syrian, Arab, Northern European, Middle Eastern, South East Asian, Tunisian.


The appointment with the cooking shows is unmissable Chef Kumaleat 7 pm, this is the program:

June 21st No Tabuleiro da bahiana: journey through Dona Flor's Afro-Brazilian cuisine;

June 22nd Soul Food journey through the African-American cuisine of New Orleans;

June 23 Between food porn & Immoral recipes: a journey into Afro-disiac cuisine


Shows inspired by civil, ethical and environmental commitment with multidisciplinary characteristics, performed by established actors and young revelations, such as The color X Of Black soul, focused on the limits inherent in each of us regarding racial prejudices. The show will follow on the bill Salam/Shalomof the CSS Teatro Stabile Venezia Giulia, in its national premiere at the Suq. The protagonists are two fathers, one Israeli and the other Palestinian, both affected by the worst of deaths. The new production of the will also be making its national premiere Souk Company, The Voices of the Souq (22 and 23 June). A work made of narration, music, dance starting from the book published by Altreconomia, with various guests in addition to the artists of the Suq. Furthermore, three shows around the theme of food: Kebab (June 21st) hosted at Rider's House in the historic center of Genoa; the interactive performance with Leonardo Tomasi, a young and award-winning performer, where the figure of the rider is central, mediator of unprecedented connections between people and orders, homes and restaurants. June 19th instead The animals reappeared, built on the text by Catherine Zambon, which projects the viewer into a future that is at times dystopian and worrying. June 17th Meatstaged by Frosini / Timpano Company: a comical, at times surreal, dialogue between a diehard vegan and an equally adamant carnivore. Suitable for children and families, The Gipsy Marionettist String (matinée on the 16th and 17th) by the Bosnian artist Rasid Nikolic, which offers a theater with hand-sculpted puppets, animated with extraordinary skill. The theatrical performances will be held in Piazza delle Feste, on the Isola delle Chiatte and at the Casa dl Rider (Historic Centre).

THE MUSIC The musical offering is extensive, starting with the concert Hysterrae, (June 14) sound from Iran, Salento and Campania that meets dub and electronic dance, followed by Andrea Satta (June 15) voice and leader of Tête des Bois who presents his latest solo album at the Suq Nothing new except you and the duo Chantal and Mabel, (June 19), young representatives of Afro urban music in Italy. There will be a tribute to the unforgettable Roberta Alloisio with the concert Women's stories (21 June, International Music Day) looked after by his brother Gian Piero Alloisio.

Here is the complete ONLINE PROGRAM day by day:

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