The truth about Magi's skit, Salis attacks himself and the Cathedral: therefore, today…

– A candidate from the Greens and Left Alliance, whose name we will omit to avoid excessive electoral publicity, went on the Milan Cathedral displaying a huge Palestinian flag. All this while the …

The truth about Magi's skit, Salis attacks himself and the Cathedral: therefore, today...

– A candidate from the Greens and Left Alliance, whose name we will omit to avoid excessive electoral publicity, went on the Milan Cathedral displaying a huge Palestinian flag. All this while the Iranian Ayatollah supports the battles of pro-PAL students, halal meat is eaten at school, Christmas becomes a Winter Festival and jihad is taught in universities. We will not fall into the stale debate of those who believe, rightly so, that through integration we will end up integrated. We would like to quietly point out that displaying the flag of a foreign state, with an Islamic majority, on the façade of the symbol of Christianity is disrespectful towards millions of faithful who consider it a sacred place. No one will protest, given that the bishops do not shine in courage and the Milanese one even blessed Ramdan at school. But try to imagine what would have happened if a pro-Israeli activist, perhaps even a right-wing one, had violated a mosque to wave the Star of David.

– Vannacci: “Teaching gender ideology in schools is a violation of common sense. Or when thegender identity: the fact that tomorrow I wake up and I feel like a woman and everyone has to call me like a woman. At this point I claim age identity. If I wake up tomorrow and feel like a twenty-year-old, they have to change my age on my documents and I have to be able to go to the bank to ask for a mortgage as a twenty-year-old.” He'll drive them crazy.

– After having raised zero, through father, against the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, i.e. Nordio and Tajani, accusing them of not having taken his story to heart, now Ilaria Salis writes to Georgie Melons. Nothing strange, for goodness sake. He wants to serve his house arrest in Italy and it's understandable. It makes you smile, however, how you criticize first and then call for attention. Especially if, as he must admit as well Republic, “the Hungarian authorities have not reported any particular alarms either online or near the home” revealed in court by the Hungarian judge. One might say: Ilaria, now attack yourself. But luckily governments are serious and support all Italians detained abroad. Even those who don't show great gratitude.

– Even the Wall Street Journal he notices that Joe Biden shows “signs of deterioration” due to age. Good morning to you.

– The newspapers don't talk about anything other than the students of Lyceum Visconti, one of the chic ones in the capital, frequented by people who like it, who would have hung on the wall a list of female names that have become conquests of the young scions of the good Rome. Horrible, huh. The feminist collectives went crazy. Male chauvinism. Patriarchate. Disturbance. However, the same newspapers, and the same collectives, insist on their silence in the face of those reported patriarchal violence which allegedly occurred at the University of Bologna among pro-Pal students. Real violence, judging by the complaints. Not a list of achievements. Yet, no one who informs us with an intelligent editorial on how deep-rooted the patriarchal culture is among the antagonistic associations of Bologna. How come?

– A court has condemned Elizabeth Franks, a well-known designer from Bologna, guilty of admitting that she preferred women over 40 during hiring interviews because “if they had to have children or get married they have already done so and therefore I take them who have done all the turning points and work 24 hours a day” . She was convicted of discrimination. Now, her words must have been out of place. Companies that favor motherhood are certainly more attractive, not those who circumvent it by hiring only the “door”. And if your company prefers women who work 24 hours a day in managerial positions, it will be up to you and whoever accepts that job. It's okay to criticize her. It's okay to blame her. But punishing her in court seems extremely exaggerated. You will be free to hire whoever you prefer.

– Have you seen the video of Richard Magi, parliamentarian of +Europa, who went to Albania to contest Giorgia Meloni? Reading Repubblica's report it seems like a semi-massacre: attacked, pulled, mistreated, left with an uncovered shirt with blood. Then one goes to watch the video and discovers that none of this happened. Magi stood with a sign in the middle of the road, blocking the presidential procession. In every country in the world (try Biden, if you have the courage), if a stranger tries to stop the car of a foreign prime minister, security does its job: it blocks the subject, whoever they are. Think about what happened to Robert Fico, in Slovakia, who during an electoral event was approached by a stranger armed with a gun and almost lost his life. You might say: “But Magi is a parliamentarian of the Republic!”. Indeed: even those who were recording the video said so, even going so far as to hypothesize a sort of global immunity for the honorable members: “he IS a parliamentarian, you can't touch him”. A little exaggerated. But Magi also shouted it several times, in what appears to be the most classic of “you don't know who I am”. First: the clash happened in Albanian territory and it is nowhere written that an agent of the Tirana services must know the faces of all 600 Italian parliamentarians. Second: at first, the agents try to make Magi go away politely. But he insists, he struggles, he tries at all costs to place himself in the middle of the street, a bit like the pro-Pal students who try to break through the police cordon to go where they are barred from doing so. Third: the point here is not the freedom to contest or not, but the modalities. If Magi had simply remained on the side of the road, like everyone else, displaying his sign, nothing would have happened. But perhaps he wouldn't even have gotten that minimum of visibility that he achieved in this way. By doing one dramatized.

– He writes Republic: “Edi Rama, next to her, shoots nothing in the Italian press, after some reports on the influence of crime on the territories affected by the agreement. “Rivers of mud have been poured on my country just to attack the agreement,” she says. And Meloni, at his side, certainly does not defend the work of journalists. He shows solidarity with him.”

Can you explain to me why Meloni should side with Il Fatto and Report, which have targeted an agreement that you instead demand? Italian journalists feel so high up the food chain that they feel free to criticize anyone, only to then whine when someone dares to criticize their reporting. Freedom of the press is important. But the chroniclers are not divinities come to earth. On the contrary.