Vannacci thanks Repubblica, electoral pornhub and Le Pen: therefore, today…

– Today Maximum Gramellini manages to write that the new Italian bipolarism, i.e. Meloni against Schlein, would be the effect of the feminist battle of the two leaders against “the alfetta males” who …

Vannacci thanks Repubblica, electoral pornhub and Le Pen: therefore, today...

– Today Maximum Gramellini manages to write that the new Italian bipolarism, i.e. Meloni against Schlein, would be the effect of the feminist battle of the two leaders against “the alfetta males” who have been ousted. Alright. But above all he claims that what facilitated them “was an electoral law, the proportional one, which pushes us to compete for votes more with the ally than with the adversary”. Mephistophelean hoax. The great result of these European elections is that despite the proportional system, which since time immemorial has favored party fragmentation, a bipolar opposition still emerges. Who then wrote it very well yesterday Verderami, always on Courier. Maybe Massimo could read the newspaper he writes for every now and then.

– The game opens for the Commission EU. And given that Europe was built with the worst of fix-it systems, it is perhaps time to clarify things a little. First: the president of the EU Commission is proposed by the European Council, that is, by the heads of state and government reigning at that time, even if they lost the elections. The commissioners, i.e. the European ministers, are distributed in the same way: the states choose one, based not on the result of the elections but on the government in office at that time. So what changes after June 9th? Simple: today in the EU Council there are more or less strong governments. Meloni is on the launching pad, and will assert his electoral strength; Macron and Scholz will not be able to impose themselves.

– Second note: we will start from Ursula von der Leyen because the EPP has the majority in parliament. The question then becomes: who can support it, given that the Ppe-Pse-Renew axis does not have enough votes to cover itself from the snipers? The hypothesis that by bias we turn only to the Greens, excluding “the right”, is unthinkable: imagine that the losers (socialists and liberals) can impose on the winners (the EPP) an alliance with those who have “disappeared” from political panorama (the greens) smacks of science fiction. So Meloni will get a powerful commissioner and then vote for confidence, if only because it would be strange if a head of government nominated a commissioner and then didn't support the commission of which he is part. So Ursula bis could have the vote of some of the ECR, PPE, socialists and liberals. But in the European Parliament the game – rather than trust – is played later. On individual measures, where political groups often split internally based on national needs. And it is here that Meloni's ECR will try to play along with Marine Le Pen's ID and with the more conservative members of the EPP. As already happened at the end of the last legislature.

– Be careful about giving up the Five Star Movement for dead.

– With Vannacci on the list, Fratelli d'Italia would have reached 30%. So, just to say how much it cost FdI to let the general escape. But it is also true that the soldier's muscularity is not suited to a leading role in Giorgia's party, accustomed as she is to not having supporting actors.

– It makes me smile how the left-wing intellectuals have taken the move all in all well Emmanuel Macron to dissolve the chambers and go directly to the vote. Stefano Bonaccini is also convinced he made the right choice because in a democracy “the citizens decide”. They are the same ones who, at the fall of the Conte I, Conte II and Draghi governments, explained to us in detail how dangerous an institutional crisis was in the midst of pandemics, wars and unstable economic situations. Apparently, the rapid return to voting is only dangerous in Italy.

– The unthinkable risks happening in France. The National Rally Of Marine The Pen and the Gaullists have reached an agreement: they will join the legislative elections in July to seek a first historic right-right government. Reconquete by Eric Zemmour and Marion Marèchal, Le Pen's niece, is left out, having been cut precisely to allow the electoral pact with the Gaullists. Marine knows that to aim for the Elysée she must break that “republican cordon” that has always prevented her from gaining power. And what better opportunity than to relegate Eric Zemmour to the role of outcast in her place? In this way, if we interpret the political move correctly, Le Pen, thanks to the Gaullists, is a candidate to abandon the historic isolation of her party and join the ranks of “republican” movements. If they were to win the elections, and bring Jordan Bardella to government, no one would be able to stop her from going to the Elysée with the excuse of defending democracy.

– Adorable news: it seems that after the election night, immediately after the counting (of the ballots, of course), the Italians went all out with onanism. Pornhub recorded a night of fire from voters with a 27% increase in naughty videos seen compared to a normal Sunday in June. The question is: do they celebrate the result or console themselves with a little hardcore?

– Have you ever wondered who the real sponsor of Roberto Vannacci? No, we're not talking about Matteo Salvini. Now that the general has been officially elected to the European Parliament, with a perhaps bright political future, perhaps the time has come to sincerely thank those who made him who he became. Not the Army. Not his studies. Not military experience. And not even “The World in Reverse”. But the editorial staff of Repubblica who somehow took out his unknown self-published book and made it the editorial case of the year. There is no worse heterogeneity than the aims of the editorial maneuver carried out by Molinari's newspaper, espoused by chic intellectuals and various television channels, all convinced that they are crippled a general and end up transforming him into an honorable one. Chapeau.

– He risks being left out of the European Parliament Annalisa Corrado, an iron Schleinian, who became famous not so much for her political skills (which she certainly will have) but for her impromptu proposal to abolish irons in favor of the climate. Everything depends on Alessandro Zan, elected both in the North-West and in the North-East: if he chooses the eastern constituency, he will cut Corrado out. That at that point there would be nothing left for her to do but crumple in the weather, but without a seat.

– The rector of the Wisdom let it be known that the pro-Palestine occupations have cost the University, that is, the taxpayers, that is, all of us, something like 330 thousand euros in various damages. The walls, the chapel, the spaces for disabled students and the Geology Mammoth were vandalized. Do you think anyone will be scandalized? No, obviously. “They're boys,” they'll say. “It's the protest,” they will reiterate. But it makes you want not to pay taxes knowing that the money of those who work will be thrown down the toilet to pay for the damages of those who play at demonstrating instead of studying.

Nico Balice will be the new mayor of Termoli. And you will say: well? Right. But the fact is that Nico triumphed with 70% of the votes, practically a plebiscite, and the City Council will be made up of 19 majority members and only 5 minority members. He has such consensus that he could self-title an equestrian statue in the square and no one would dare say anything.

– The new idol of the masses is the young rider who used the blue flashing light to deliver pizzas in Treviso without delays. Total genius. Then he also had a few grams of hashish and they took away his license, but those are details.

– Small note in the margin. In the preference challenge, Roberto Vannacci he beat Ilaria Salis little by little. But above all she tore it up Alexander Zan, the father of that bill on gender identity and homophobia that was much discussed and ultimately aborted by the Senate. The Dem exponent and the general are like the devil and holy water, they live at opposite ends.

The fact is that in the two constituencies where armed men ran against each other, Vannacci received 328 thousand preferences and Zan only 177 thousand. Almost double. Perhaps the general was right when he claimed that those who contested and opposed him were a “minority of people, but a much smaller number than those who support me”.