“All eyes on Rafah”? Yes, but to see Hamas' blackmail

“All eyes on Rafah” has reached and exceeded the figure of 50 million shares worldwide.This image published on social media seems to have been created by artificial intelligence, and I must confess that when I …

"All eyes on Rafah"?  Yes, but to see Hamas' blackmail

All eyes on Rafah” has reached and exceeded the figure of 50 million shares worldwide.
This image published on social media seems to have been created by artificial intelligence, and I must confess that when I saw it for the first time – a few days ago – I evidently didn't understand it!
I had “shared” it, interpreted it, just as my mind led me to understand it.

Let me explain: I think it's necessary too set your sights on Rafah for everything that is happening and how the citizens of Rafah and the whole Gaza Strip are subjected to constant blackmail by Hamas.

Then, evidently, looking at who published it, how they published it, the comments underneath it and finally a question from my teenage daughter, I understood that the image had been made to attract minds that are a priori against Israel and this reconfirms what Freud said “no one is master of his own house” referring to the unconscious or to the teachings of Osho who spoke “of the mind that lies”.

So in a short time, from the ballets and grimaces of Instagram and various social networks, everyone has now become experts in geopolitics!

Today, a few days after the release of this image, it is there a truce peace proposal on the part of Israel, a sensible proposal which provides for at least the return of the hostages who are still alive or the bodies of the dead hostages, and even today there is no response from Hamas, while the Palestinian people suffer.

Some reflections come to mind that I would like to share…..

We wrote “Free Gaza from Hamas”, but Gaza, but the citizens of Gaza are hostages or in some way complicit and protecting the tunnels, the rockets that are still sent towards Tel Aviv, Israel and the Hamas hideouts? Yes, because even this is not understood, how in a situation of absolute disaster, where there are say a few kilometers would not be controlled by the IDF, Hamas can still send rockets into Israel.

And what should Israel do? as usual wait and protect yourself with the iron dome? He's been doing this for years.

And, again: a few days ago our minister Tajani said that the 5 million euro funds to the UNWRA will be released. We still haven't understood each other: this money will not go to help Palestinian citizens, as has already happened in recent years, in these decades. This money will not be used to build kindergartens, build decent hospitals, build decent sewers, build livable buildings and houses, but to buy weapons and build tunnels, because Hamas does not recognize the State of Israel, does not recognize the idea that a state of Israel could be born. Those who know history know that the problem is all here: since 1947, with the recognition of the State of Israel with a United Nations resolution and the following day the Arab countries attacking Israel; we should know the history, we should go over it all again, and it is not the task of these lines, but it is good to remember it.

Biden today invites Hamas to accept this three-phase truce, an invitation in my opinion that is under-emphasized in the Italian newspapers, but let's also add one thing: just as the USA is putting pressure on the Israeli government, it is now also the task of those Arab states that have always financed Hamas, Arab states not considered rogue like Iran, but like Qatar or Saudi, must now act, carry out their function of pressuring Hamas to accept this truce, free the living hostages and return the hostages and bodies of the deceased , and try to start a process of recognition for both parties.


Camillo Milko Pennisi