There are events that are steps forward in civilization in a country where, until recently, disability in sport, especially in children's and amateur sports, represented and unfortunately still represents an insurmountable barrier, sometimes cultural, much more so often economic and logistical. So anything that tries to undermine these limits is welcome. We welcome everything that in recent years has contributed to the growth of a Paralympic movement which today is a reality of medals and champions even if there is still a way to go so as not to lose sight of what is the (not simple) reality of everyone the days for those who have to deal with disabilities: «It is not enough to rejoice for the victories of the Azzurri – the president of the CIP often repeats Luca Pancalli– We must guarantee that many young disabled people have the opportunity to access the world of sport. We must help them, their families and support them.” Tomorrow at Rowers Milanfrom 10 in the morning to 6 in the afternoon, the second edition of «Sport4All», a great celebration of sport and sporting inclusion that will enliven the historic headquarters of Alzaia Naviglio Grande 160, where you will be able to try out for free all the sports practiced here, according to tradition, plus those offered by other clubs friendly to Canottieri Milano. «We open the doors of this historic Milanese sports center convinced of the importance that sport has for disabled people – he explains Donata Minorati, former rowing champion, Olympic and sporting spirit interpreted in everyday life and among the organizers of Sport4All – The invitation is to everyone to come and discover a new passion, to find new friends, to participate and smile. This is the second edition of this event which will allow anyone who wants it free of charge to try their hand at or at least become familiar with, thanks to the help and assistance of qualified instructors, disciplines such as baskin, the inclusive basketball which sees athletes on the pitch together with disabilities and able-bodied people, with bowling tournaments, with rowing and canoeing, with dancing, swimming, aquagym, fencing, skateboarding and archery. Also on the program are showdown challenges, a sport for the visually impaired and blind, similar to air hockey or ping pong which is played on a court with banks, rackets and a sound ball. The aim of the initiative is to bring people with disabilities closer to practicing sports for its multiple benefits. «Trying creates passion – explain the organizers – The activities are aimed at both the intellectual, relational and physical areas. To participate, simply show up wearing clothing appropriate to the chosen sports. For pool activities it is necessary to bring a swimsuit, cap and slippers. Canottieri also offers changing rooms and parking to participants.” In the context of Sport4all The meeting “Disability: the right words to talk about it” will also be held from 3pm to 5pm, which will be an opportunity to present the book created by the Order of Journalists to learn to express oneself while respecting people, in the media but also in everyone's language the days. One of the authors will be present, Claudio Arrigoni journalist who has followed Paralympic sport for many years.