everything and more, but politically incorrect

The news from Gaza StripWhere the Israeli army is continuing with its operation to destroy the terrorists of Hamas, and from the border between Lebanon and the Jewish State where the war between Hetzbollah and …

everything and more, but politically incorrect

The news from Gaza StripWhere the Israeli army is continuing with its operation to destroy the terrorists of Hamas, and from the border between Lebanon and the Jewish State where the war between Hetzbollah and the IDF which for the moment can be defined as low tension, arrives in a continuous flow and it is objectively difficult to follow everything at the same time. Therefore it is worth, as in all television series, even if it is a tragic reality, to summarize the previous events and comment on them in our way, that is politically incorrect.

This discovery is yet more proof of how easy it is for many Muslims, not all of them, lie to infidels. I’m not saying it, but it has been said and repeated in hundreds of sermons inside mosques all over the world, including Europe. Lying as Hamas always does and as the Qatarwho had assumed the obligation to guarantee that the medicines, some of them life-saving, would reach the recipients.

In light of all this, this is yet more proof that, for many but not all, lying to infidels is easy, even when dealing at a diplomatic level.
It is enough to listen with open ears to understand, and perhaps the ears will also be open, what is lacking are the brains clouded by the various ideologies of the roundabouts, the chalks, the petalousof the we love each other and of everything that must be good and beautiful regardless. Even at the cost of denying or hiding evidence that would never have been accepted in other historical moments.

The International Red Cross, with which the Palestinian Red Crescent is associated, should explain why a civilian ambulance was in that place, at that time. Perhaps they had been warned of the attack on the Israeli civilians? Yes, they were, even if among the high officials of the international organization there will never be anyone who has the guts to admit it.

Liver and conscience, which should be the basic ingredients for the mission that the International Red Cross has given itself, as we have seen in almost all major international crises, are totally missing.

Anyway, in the worst case scenario, if controversies break out, you can always apologise.

At this point you could ask the Court of The Hague to investigate UNRWA, the Palestinian Red Crescent, and consequently the International Red Cross, for participation in or perhaps support for crimes against humanity. However, since it is a United Nations agency and organizations considered untouchable, perhaps everyone could be investigated, including the UN. Since the great court of justice (the lower case is desired) is also part of the UN, the conflict of interests would be obvious.

Or, as in the movie Code of Honor, you could have Aunt Ginny organize a trial: “Does Aunt Ginny have a barn? We could hold the trial in there, I could sew the costumes, maybe Uncle Goober could be the judge!” There is nothing to laugh about, Uncle Goober would be much more credible than the dapper, pomaded, tie-clad and embalmed judges who sit in The Hague.

We saw it during the not sentence of Judge Joan Donoghue, the poor woman drank continuously, perhaps to clean her mouth for what she said between one sip and another. “At least some acts seem capable of falling under the genocide convention” was the most important sentence you said. I repeat: “They seem capable of returning”, the crunching of nails on the glass made more noise than the words themselves.

Meanwhile Benny Gantzthe Minister in the Israeli War Cabinet, who heads the beloved opposition to that bad guy Netanyahusaid that even though Ramadan is approaching, the fighting in Rafah will continue until the end of the operation or until the abductees are returned.

Meanwhile Blinken continues his tours of the Middle East with the firm intention of reaching an agreement with Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and also with Palestinian representatives in order to force Israel to commit suicide. The presidential elections are near and a White House is not only worth a Mass, but also a Sura sung from a minaret. Blinken completely forgot that it is the United States that he is with Bill Clintonthe one who after Obama is the most loved by the world of the just and infallible, took the responsibility of guaranteeing the Oslo Accords of 1993. Does Blinken know this little detail?

Israel is excluded from the room where its future is planned and according to Blinken and his followers, because it is well understood that Biden it doesn’t matter much anymore, if it ever mattered at all, it will have to accept everything: the withdrawal of the settlers, the state of Palestine with its capital in Jerusalem and the reconstruction of Gaza. Exactly everything that has already been accepted in the past and which has not worked for the simple reason that there is still no recognition of the right of existence of the Jewish State.

Even if Blinken, Biden and the whole circle continue undaunted on their wrong path that people like, we like to remember a famous phrase that Albert Einstein said in one of his famous speeches: “We cannot expect things to change if we continue to do the same things.” Blinken doesn’t know it, or pretends not to know that, as usual, whatever were to come out of his magic cylinder would not be a definitive agreement but only a new step towards the expulsion of all the Jews from the Middle East because, they shouted it in all over the world, even in the United States it was enough to listen, Palestine will be from the river to the sea. And the Israelis really don’t agree.

I don’t agree because they can objectively no longer believe the usual e useless security guarantees and normalization with Saudi Arabia is nothing more than another stone paving the road to hell. Everyone, absolutely everyone, feels entitled to give Netanyahu indications on how to proceed, everyone knows the situation in the Middle East better than the Israeli Prime Minister, while no one, but absolutely no one, is asking for the most logical thing, that is, the release of the hostages by of Hamas and compliance with UN resolution 1702 which provides for the withdrawal of Hetzbollah towards the north, beyond the Litani river.
Of course, when it comes to safeguarding the rights of the Palestinians, everyone stands with their shields raised, while when it comes to safeguarding the security of the Israelis there is always a but, an if, a though and the inevitable but also.

I am aware of the fact that this analysis of mine will make some of the readers have the worst feelings towards me, I know them, they are the same ones I have when I read their comments.

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