Give immunity to Vannacci, Speranza shoots her and Ilaria Salis: so, today…

– Matthias Felts you cook Nicholas Fratoianni And Angel Bonelligodfathers of Ilaria Salis and successful in nominating her for the European Parliament. Soon the activist from Monza will be free, and that's good …

Give immunity to Vannacci, Speranza shoots her and Ilaria Salis: so, today...

Matthias Felts you cook Nicholas Fratoianni And Angel Bonelligodfathers of Ilaria Salis and successful in nominating her for the European Parliament. Soon the activist from Monza will be free, and that's good news. And thanks to the European-style law on parliamentary immunity, which is much more guaranteed than ours, the trial against her will be interrupted for as long as she is in office. Here in Italy, however, she would move forward and as a parliamentarian, if found guilty, she could even go back to prison. What's the point? That Bonelli at her time sided against the reform hypothesis put forward by Berlusconi who wanted to introduce parliamentary immunity similar to the European one in Italy too. Col Cav fought her, now Angelo the Green invokes her for Ilaria. He smacks of hypocrisy, doesn't he?

– We add the following reflection to Mattia Feltri's analysis. To see the hypocrisy of Avs you don't even need to go that far back in time, given that in the meantime Bonelli and Fratoianni may have changed their minds. Like so many others do. The paradox, however, is there for all to see when comparing the Salis case with that of John Toti. Avs calls for the resignation of the Ligurian governor (only under investigation just like Ilaria, imprisoned under house arrest for no reason just like Salis) but does its utmost to elect and free the Italian activist. And let's not tell us that the alleged illicit financing is more serious than the alleged hammering of heads.

– All possible respect for women who intend abort. However. The greats of the world will be seen from today to Saturday in Puglia for the G7 and they have the following dossiers on the table: war in Ukraine, immigration, war in Palestine, arms trafficking, terrorism, cyber-attacks, the advance of China, the decarbonisation of the world, etc., etc., etc. Can you tell me in your opinion whether, faced with such convoluted topics and the harbinger of possible disagreements, they will really start arguing over a sentence on the right to abortion in the final text? Come on…

– The Hungarian government, or rather Orban's chief of staff, believes that the election of Ilaria Salis gives a “not very positive image of Hungarian democracy”. We have to disagree. You may not like it. The choice of Bonelli and Fratoianni to nominate her is obviously criticisable. But the people chose. And amen.

– And then, sorry: the French legitimately ask Italy to support their idea, very Macronian, according to which abortion is a universal right; It is therefore not clear why Italy should not be equally entitled to support the exact opposite. Or do we all necessarily have to agree on terminating a pregnancy?

– Finally, we add: the Sherpas fight each other over two or three little words. On the one hand, the French ask to “affirm the importance of guaranteeing effective access to abortion”; on the other hand, the Germans would only like the willingness to “address the issue” to be indicated; Italy on the other hand would take everything away. It will end how it will end, they will write the text, they will sign it and then? Then nothing. Because they are documents that take their time, they involve a lot of people but then the States don't care. In fact, even in the last G7 they parted ways with a heartfelt pro-abortion appeal, which did not prevent Meloni from carrying forward his policies as he saw fit.

– Is back Roberto Hope and he shoots it big, really big. Yesterday at Room they gave it a damn and in this column we have already stigmatized what happened. It is unacceptable that in the symbolic place of the country people punch each other like in the stadium, especially on the days when Italy hosts the G7. Speranza, however, takes a further step: she believes that what happened in Montecitorio was not “a fight” but a “aggression squad member”. Stuff like “we will transform this classroom into a camp of maniples”. The desire to exaggerate everything is understandable, but here we risk going too far. The squadrist act, or a BR-style assault to be bipartisan, involves a minimum of premeditation, political or even just social hatred. Instead, the images clearly show an M5S deputy provoking a minister, who is clumsily defended by honorable members who have literally had a blood clot. Let's be clear: they must be punished. They must be reprimanded. Maybe we can also predict the Daspo as for the ultras. But let's forget about squadrism, dear Speranza. Not only is it not necessary to bring everything back to fascism, but violence is never monochrome: should we perhaps remind you of the FdI militant beaten in a service station just because he was wearing a t-shirt that was not appreciated by the militants of the social centres?

– On European duties at car Chinese We note the foresight of the EU institutions which first created the problem (goodbye to the internal combustion engine) and then sought solutions by increasing taxes. Geniuses (of evil).

– Interview with Ilaria Salis, cult phrase: “Now we know that solidarity is a collective and courageous force that can truly change the world”. And by “the world” we obviously mean his judicial situation. But oh well.

– Another phrase from the cover: “Anti-fascism it is certainly the strongest and most relevant political value that emerges from this affair”. So, everything is fine. We are happy that a European citizen who has only been investigated, not convicted, with charges yet to be proven however serious, will be freed thanks to the parliamentary immunity that Bonelli once opposed with all his strength. But it is not clear where all this anti-fascism would emerge from the European elections: the party of Carola Racket he halved the votes, in Italy Meloni won, in France Le Pen, in Austria the Fpo, everywhere the popular people excel who may be anti-fascists but not antifa in the Salis style. And then: Ilaria received 180 thousand preferences, General Vannacci and his Decima over half a million. Not only is it not true, as Salis claims, that “after two years of right-wing government many people want the wind to change direction”, given that Meloni has increased his percentage compared to the 2022 policies, but we have certainly recorded everything except that a new militant breeze from the left-wing social center. Good work, but find out more.

Anthony Tajani claims to want to reach 20% of the votes in the next political elections after 10% in the European elections. Someone makes fun of him. But the miracle of Force Italy is there for all to see: she was in trouble in the last years of Berlusconi, everyone thought she was a goner after the death of the founder and many were convinced that Tajani was an excellent politician, perfect for the European institutions and for becoming a minister, less so for doing the leader. In fact compared to Calendar And Renzi he appears less engaging, more calm, never a controversy or a word out of place. And this, in the right-left polarization of Meloni and Schlein, ended up being his real advantage. The moderates recognized a moderate and rewarded him.

– Let's put it into context. Think about Roberto Saviano it's at Luciano Camphor. Review in your mind the indignant articles of fellow journalists scandalized by the fact that a politician can sue an intellectual when he feels offended. Imagine finding yourself faced with someone who parrots you that “it is a scandal”, “an attack on democracy”, “an offense against freedom of the press and speech”. Done? Well. Please know that the Municipality of Milan, on the proposal of Beppe Sala, a leftist, from the Democratic Party, one of those who wear rainbow socks during Pride, sued his colleague Gianni Barbacetto for some posts on Milanese urban planning. We are talking about a power (in this case municipal) against a journalist who asks questions. There are all the conditions to cry scandal. But given that the plaintiff this time is a Democratic mayor, and not the right-wing prime minister, no one will tear their clothes or take to the streets to defend democracy. In the most typical of our Italian double standards.

– After yesterday's fistfight, today there were tensions in the Senate too with the oppositions who occupied the government benches (like third graders). However, I would like to make you aware of what the news reports on Corriere della Serawhy the Avoid patriarchy: “The protest thus prevented the resumption of work and voting on the premiership. The fact that female senators and non-senators occupy the government benches puts clerks in difficulty in having to intervene with force.” Let us understand: if the demonstrative actions are done by the boys, we can take them away physically, but not the ladies? Where is gender equality, Mr President?

– Old tweets from Roberto Salis, Ilaria's father, are now literature. It's almost as if he were “one of us” before committing himself to his daughter. But the web doesn't forgive. Dad Salis said: “Rather than vote for Fratoianni, I emigrate”. Where can we find it, then? Brazil? Pope New Guinea? Barbados?

Roberto Vannacci he still has to deal with the investigations opened against him for inciting racial hatred because of his book. A civil proceeding is still pending, the military one was being formalized in recent days. The military prosecutor's office had requested the dismissal, as was logical, since these were banal opinions, however aberrant you may consider them; but the investigating judge rejected the request (which is more unique than rare) and in September there will be the first hearing before the investigating judge. So: Roberto Vannacci was elected to the European Parliament, just like Ilaria Salis.

Roberto Vannacci is under investigation, just like Ilaria Salis. I therefore expect that Bonelli And Fratoianni they tear their clothes to ask the Italian judges to apply parliamentary immunity for the soldier who has now become an MEP.