Hamas uses civilians as jailers

It goes without saying that kidnapping civilians is a crime against humanity according to the Geneva Conventions to those who cite the conventions only when it suits them and apply them to alternating current. After …

Hamas uses civilians as jailers

It goes without saying that kidnapping civilians is a crime against humanity according to the Geneva Conventions to those who cite the conventions only when it suits them and apply them to alternating current. After all, we know that the Geneva Conventions are like the Holy Bible, everyone quotes them but no one reads them.

The first to demonstrate all the political dyslexia, despite having to answer for the free traffic of armaments that from Sinai, across the border line between Egypt And Gazahas fully armed Hamas, it was the Egyptian Foreign Ministry which in a note made Cairo's point of view known to the world: “We strongly condemn the Israeli attacks on Nuseirat which resulted in more than 150 deaths and hundreds of injuries in clear violation of international law. Israel bears legal and moral responsibility for this blatant attack. We call on international authorities and the UN Security Council to intervene immediately to stop the Israeli war in Gaza and to take action to end the humanitarian crisis by reaching a ceasefire and introducing humanitarian aid without obstacles.”

According to the Egyptian Government, the responsibility lies with Israel which tries to recover its citizens and not with Hamas which first kidnaps them and then held in detention inside civilian apartments in the center of a city precisely in order to cause civilian casualties, the famous human shieldsto show the world when things get bad.

Next we have grampa Biden which is trying for the umpteenth time to enlist Qatar, the one that has financed terrorism all over the world and with its money has practically bought all the American universities, and Egypt, the one mentioned above for which it is useless to add other, to put pressure on Hamas.

Pressure which, as usual, will only serve to fill a few newspaper pages for a few hours.

Everything is an election campaign.

The threats, as mentioned, were issued at the behest of grandfather Biden who is looking for a way to convince Hamas to reach the agreement he needed in the political turmoil surrounding the war but which, it was not difficult to imagine, had the opposite effect to that desired.

Indeed Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas's political bureau, said he would not accept a deal that did not meet the organization's conditions. Declaration that does not shift the position of Hamas one millimeter which, thanks to global support, believes it can dictate the law in Gaza for a long time to come. Haniyeh also published in the Arab press a message written by Sinwara little joke, where he says that Biden's proposal is not acceptable because it does not guarantee the end of the war.

It is clear to everyone except Grandpa Joe that this response, the same one repeated to the point of boredom in recent weeks, is an insurmountable obstacle for him and that his efforts to relaunch negotiations for a ceasefire And the release of the hostagesdespite the willingness shown by the government in Jerusalem, are doomed to failure.

American officials said they had not yet received a definitive response from Hamas on the ceasefire proposal: “We are still waiting for an official response from Hamas. We have seen some public comments, but we do not consider them official or confirmatory in any way,” the National Security Council spokesperson said John Kirby who, despite himself, is forced not to see, not to hear and, above all, not to understand, that with terrorism in general and with that of Hamas and Hetzbollah in particular, there can be no dialogue or negotiation.

Worse than Grandpa Joe, there is the European Union that through its High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Joseph Borrell, he made it known that the European Union condemns “the massacre of civilians that occurred today in Gaza”. Borrell, in a note, said that: “The news coming from Gaza of another massacre of civilians is frightening. We strongly condemn it. The bloodbath must end immediately. President Biden's three-phase plan is the way forward for a lasting ceasefire, the release of abductees and an end to the massacre of civilians. continuous killing and suffering.”

At this point we need a minimum of order because Borrell, who is not like grandfather Joe but looks bad at his 77 years, has completely decontextualized the situation. He talked about bloodbath referring to the data on deaths provided by Hamas, which manages to manipulate the numbers better than the Superenalotto inspectors, and did not say that the four hostages were held inside two civilian homes and that those civilians were the jailers.

Those civilians, therefore, were not really civilians, but affiliated with Hamas terrorism.

He didn't say what the two apartments were to the city center precisely as a deterrent and to cause victims to be waved before that part of the world that has surrendered and thinks it can coexist with Islamic terrorism.

Then, again Borrell, given his age, an ordinary mortal at 77 would be retired, and his dyslexia, the one mentioned before, shared the joy of the families of the freed hostages and asked for the release of the other hostages, but he also characterized the rescue operation, which returned four hostages to Israel, as another massacre of civilians.

Simply put, let him make peace with his brain, either he is happy for the liberation or he is sorry for the collateral damage, otherwise everything is worth it.
On the other hand, perhaps someone in Great Britain is perhaps opening their eyes.

Late, but as they say, hope is always the last to die.
In an editorial the Sunday Telegraph wrote: “Israel's bold efforts to free its captives only underline the weakness of the West calling for an end to the war. If the demands of some British and Western politicians had been accepted, some of the abductees would not have returned home. It was military force, only military force, that brought them back. The West must avoid recognizing a Palestinian state now because this would only delay the return of the abductees and the elimination of Hamas.”

One swallow does not make a summer but it keeps alive the small hope that European brains have not all gone into a heap in the face of protests fueled by funding whose origins are not yet known, there are investigations underway, and from the press, the almost totality, complacent.

For this reason it is not surprising that Noa Argamani was apparently held in the home of Dr. Ahmed Al-Jamal and his son, Abdallah Al-Jamal journalist of the Palestine Chronicle.

While the conflict in Gaza, now focused in particular on Rafah and the Philadelphia line, continues with such intensity as not to upset the American election campaign too much, as far as possible, the accounts of the freed hostages shed light on the harsh test to which were subjected.

Already in the past, from the interrogations of the hostages freed during the first trance and now from the stories of the last four who returned to freedom, further evidence emerges, as if it were needed, that Hamas exploits and has exploited civilian infrastructurein particular hospitals but as we have seen also private homes, to hold the hostages in his hands.

This information, which however finds it difficult to find a place in the mainstream international press, has highlighted how Hamas' actions have endangered the civilians Palestinians seeking medical care and compromised the safety of hospital workers, regardless of their affiliation.

It should be useless to underline it but in this period nothing can be left implicit, it is about one serious violation of international law and humanitarian principles that would require strict legal scrutiny and all the consequences that come with it.

But we know that Hamas is not Israel and no one would feel like bringing it a terrorist organization before an international criminal court how is it done, in the midst of an applauding audience, with the only Democratic State in the Middle East and south of the Mediterranean.
Yes, Democratic State even if it is difficult for many to digest this concept.

One thing is certain, if Sinwar and company fall alive into the hands of the IDF, it will be an Israeli court and will make them face their responsibilities.

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