Help Bonelli has made another one, the harsh letter from Meloni and France: so, today…

– While hundreds of learned commentators rack their brains to analyse the vote in France and the desistance strategies of Macron and left, the best analysis – seen from the center – is …

Help Bonelli has made another one, the harsh letter from Meloni and France: so, today...

– While hundreds of learned commentators rack their brains to analyse the vote in France and the desistance strategies of Macron and left, the best analysis – seen from the center – is the one Pier Ferdinando Casini: “If the alternative to Le Pen is the Popular Front complete with photos of newly elected officials with clenched fists, we’re done for…”. This is why, despite the 218 withdrawals from the “triangular” constituencies, it’s not a given that centrist voters will hold their noses to vote for Mélenchon or, vice versa, that their leftist comrades will decide to favor Macron’s candidates, whom they hate so much. We’ll see some great things.

– We are the country in which public justice resources are spent to judge whether Morgan have defamed Bug during Sanremo in 2020. Four years later, four years later, the magistrate acquitted Morgan because the fact did not exist. A little common sense would have been enough and we would have gotten out of it, free of charge, in five minutes. Instead it cost us – in the monetary sense of the term – a good 48 months of trial.

– I can’t wait to see the finalists of the Strega Prize dressed by the big fashion houses. Especially Chiara Valerio. You say she will have also asked the armocromista for advice Elly Thin?

– Give a prize to RabiotFrench footballer, who explains to sports journalists the essence of a competition like the European Championship. It doesn’t matter to be “beautiful, but victorious”. “Did you see what Italy did? It wasn’t beautiful and it didn’t even win”. He’s right, because in sport, excelling counts. It certainly does. The problem, if anything, is that by desperately seeking only the result, football has become a boring sport. Terribly boring. And sooner or later it will lose the audience that today makes it the most followed game in Europe.

Luigi Martin And Henry It costs invite the centrists to Italy Viva And Action to unite “without personalisms” to create “a great liberal-democratic party”. We have always said and written: the problem of the Third Pole is neither the political space nor the ideas, but the leaders. Renzi And Calendar they can’t stand each other, so they fight each other. Take them away, the problem is eliminated. A doubt remains: are we sure that Marattin, Costa and all the others would be able to catalyze media and political attention like the two ego-leaders?

– What is happening in Francewith party bureaucracies intent on creating an anti-Le Pen bloc, reveals the dear old prejudice of this Europe: anyone who is “right-wing” (Orban, Meloni, Le Pen, even Boris Johnson) is automatically considered “radical”, and therefore to be stopped, while anyone who claims to be left-wing is forgiven for any blunder. It is a prejudice that is based exclusively on positioning in the constitutional arc and that does not take into account “what you do” but only “who you are”. Look at the case Ilaria Saltsanctified although not so different in her political path from the militants of Casa Pound. And think of Mélenchon, who scares the shit out of moderate voters, he is as radical as Le Pen, maybe even more so, but with him the Marconi operators are preparing to make a pact just to not hand over power to RN. And here we return to Casini’s analysis: if in order to stop Marine one surrenders to the hard and pure communists, there is nothing to celebrate. From the frying pan into the fire, but you get burned anyway.

– Have you read the latest proposal of Angel BonelliMinister for Absurd Proposals? No, we are not talking about the “crime of climate denial” or that of “ecocide”, in practice punishing anyone who pollutes the environment. After having nominated Soumahoro, Ilaria Salis and having given birth to the ideas mentioned above, now Bonelli is asking the government (in what capacity?) to fish out one of their proposals from 2022: a fee patrimonial on large estates starting from 5 million euros. Bonelli denounces the fact that “Italy confirms itself as one of the countries with the fastest growth of super rich” and, instead of rejoicing, considers it bad news. Hence the proposal of a forced levy that could bring 60 billion euros in 5 years (hello dear) with which to guarantee public spending and ecological transition. Bonelli considers inequality “unacceptable” and instead wealth is a good thing: the more well-off, the more consumption, the more consumption, the more income and work even for those with fewer possibilities.

– Also because the solution is never to put money in the hands of the government hoping that it will wisely redistribute wealth, because history teaches us (and the Italian public debt too) that funds are rarely invested intelligently (does the Superbonus remind you of anything?). Dear Bonelli, go and reread the news coming from Great Britain where the English Scrooges are packing their bags scared by the patrimonial promises from Keir Starmer. When you persecute “the rich” (or the supposedly rich) you end up producing the opposite effect and the economic system as a whole will suffer: the farewell of the super rich has an impact in terms of induced effects, purchases and taxes on consumption. You aim for an egalitarian society, but you end up impoverishing it.

– Keir Starmer says that, if he were to become prime minister the day after tomorrow, which is highly likely, he will continue to do on Fridays as he has always done: he clocks in at 6 pm and dedicates himself to his children “no matter what happens”. Let’s be clear: it is commendable, because time spent with family is never wasted. But if for five years you find yourself being the leader of one of the world’s superpowers, you cannot maintain that “no matter what happens” you will close your doors on Fridays. Also because the world is full of entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and workers who cannot afford that Friday night in slippers or risk not making ends meet.

– The mosaics of Mark Rupinik in Lourdes will one day be removed. The Jesuit, accused of sexual harassment by many women, is said to have committed horrific crimes. And it is understandable that the victims would want to remove his art, feeling otherwise “surrounded” by their persecutor. However, if we were to “erase” all the artistic expressions of imperfect authors, probably half the churches in the world would have to be covered with a veil.

– The letter of Georgia Melons to the leaders of FdI, with which he effectively slams the door in the face of those nostalgic for Gioventù Nazionale, is a political document that should be read and reread. In essence, once again, the prime minister indicates the path of Fratelli d’Italia: no longer a party of the former MSI right, but a conservative, modern force, which does not forget the past of the social right but is not limited to that alone.

– You know who remembers Emmanuel Macron in this attempt, however weak, to create a bracaleone army against Marine The Pen? It is very reminiscent of Romano Prodi’s Ulivo, the alliance between everything and the opposite of everything to oppose the advance of Silvio Berlusconi. History teaches, and the French president should think about it, that similar alliances are very useful for conquering single-member constituencies but end up producing a presumed majority too heterogeneous to survive the post-election. In 2006, Prodi formed an executive supported by the following acronyms: Ds, Pro, RnP, PdCI, Idv, FdV, Deus, Si, Dcu, Lal, Sd, Ld, Mre with the external support of PdM, IdM, Cu, Rd, Ud, Sap, Aisa, Mpc, Sc. Result? It lasted from Christmas to Boxing Day.

Centrists and the Popular Front may find agreements in the constituencies, but they are destined to hate each other again: uniting to prevent the opponent from winning is not a serious project for the country. And sooner or later the scaffolding collapses. Sooner rather than later.