How much stupid hatred against Vannacci

Director Feltri,the flood of hate comments that Ilaria Salis’ supporters are making on the posts published by the new MP is shocking. Many are directed against Prime Minister Meloni and many against General …

How much stupid hatred against Vannacci

Director Feltri,
the flood of hate comments that Ilaria Salis’ supporters are making on the posts published by the new MP is shocking. Many are directed against Prime Minister Meloni and many against General Vannacci. Since it is evidently known also on the left that Salis is a beater of people who do not think like her, the lady is invited, indeed incited, to beat up her fellow MEP, Vannacci precisely, accused by these people of inciting hatred and violence. It seems to me that Vannacci has been suffering hatred and violence for quite some time precisely from those who consider him fascist, racist and dangerous. There are those who express the desire to beat him. The left declares itself against hatred but produces it.
She claims to be democratic but continues to lash out against a citizen elected by over half a million Italians, including me. And I voted for him because Vannacci is just another persecuted person in history because of his opinions, which are not a crime.
Francis Biale

Dear Francis,
There are incontrovertible facts that Roberto Vannacci’s haters, many of whom are avid supporters of Ilaria Salis, should take note of. The first is that Vannacci has not committed any crime, while Salis has already been convicted and is currently on trial (temporarily suspended following the election functional to saving her ass from prison) for crimes similar to those for which she has already collected convictions. Furthermore, it seems that the lady is a proud and hardened squatter of real estate. For his partner Ilaria, squatting is a bit like charity for the good Christian, a dutiful and necessary activity. Furthermore, it is something that makes a CV. I am not aware that Vannacci, who has not received convictions but honors, has ever beaten anyone who does not think like him or has ever occupied other people’s property. Yet the left considers Salis a pure lost sheep and Vannacci a sort of criminal.

This man has been inundated with threats, insults, attacks, the violence that has been poured on him is unprecedented, all because he wrote a book in which the general does nothing but tell the incontrovertible obvious, those truths that the champions of political correctness are allergic to, more willing to tolerate a colossal lie rather than a truth that contradicts some of their ideological convictions. Another incontrovertible fact is that all the charges formalized against the League deputy have fallen, or rather have not resulted in legal proceedings but have been archived. By whom? By that same judiciary that the left defends but only when it suits them. If the sentences are not appreciated by the Dems, then the judges are accused of being wrong and not being fair. About a month ago, the complaint filed by black volleyball player Paola Egonu against the general was archived for the second time, by whom the athlete felt defamed and offended because of a phrase contained in Vannacci’s famous book: “Even if Paola Egonu is an Italian citizen, it is evident that her physical features do not represent Italianness”. Well, where is the insult? It is a mere observation. So much so that the investigating judge of Lucca ordered the archiving, contested by the champion, who did not resign herself to the rejection of her complaint, and so we arrived at the rejection of Egonu’s opposition and the second archiving. In short, Vannacci did not insult the volleyball player. The investigating judge argued that “there is no evidence of an excess of the limit of continence that could be considered indicative of the will, on the part of the accused, to gratuitously offend the reputation” of Egonu, “to denigrate it, to diminish its value, to carry out an undue attack on the person”. Vannacci is not racist, he is simply a man who does not conform to the hypocrisies of our time and whose words have been cleverly exploited to indulge that victim mentality that has now become a prevailing custom on the left.

But the most important result which proves that Vannacci did not commit any crime by expressing his opinions came a few days ago, when the military tribunal in Rome decided to shelve the charges against him of inciting racial hatred, disobeying the laws and committing crimes.

The criminal record of the MEP, unlike that of the

colleague Salis, remains immaculate. What remains dirty instead is the conscience of that left that points the index finger of the same hand used to sow hatred against honest and decent people, guilty simply of not liking it.