The Conte-Salis axis was born, Bye Bye Biden and Serena Bortone: so, today…

– Rai sanctions Serena Borton and she will appeal. There is little to be surprised about: in all companies in the world, if you publicly embarrass your employer, perhaps by supporting theses bordering …

The Conte-Salis axis was born, Bye Bye Biden and Serena Bortone: so, today...

– Rai sanctions Serena Borton and she will appeal. There is little to be surprised about: in all companies in the world, if you publicly embarrass your employer, perhaps by supporting theses bordering on the untenable, measures are naturally taken. Censorship, “punishment” and Telemeloni have nothing to do with it. And then six days of suspension are nothing.

Biden he comes to explain to us the reason why he seemed so stupid on stage at the debate with Trump it’s all in the fact that he was “tired”. Which may also make someone believe that he is not senile, but all in all it makes little difference: a president, to such an important appointment, cannot arrive asleep. Or do you want to tell me that there is a risk that he takes a nap in the Situation Room?

– The left of Pd, M5S and Avs begins to create the coalition of the future to attack the right. And what is the first battle they will carry forward? The wage minimumin the country where most contracts are determined by national collective agreements and well above the limit they would like to impose. Great idea to continue losing.

– The military investigating judge archives the general Vannacci from accusations of inciting racial hatred, committing crimes or disobeying the laws. Was it obvious? No, because with judges you can never rest easy. Was it logical? Yes. Because the general’s book may have been written so-so, it may have been out of place, whatever you want: but there is nothing “racist” in the sense of Mein Kampf. This is the second complaint that ends up in a waste of time. Good thing so.

– Yesterday we reported to you that the finalists of the award Witch would be “dressed” by five major fashion houses. We smiled at the idea of ​​seeing Clear Valerio in a luxury suit. Today it seems that a controversy has arisen so much so that the authors have responded to those who dared to criticize this choice, obviously legitimate. There are those who have entrenched themselves behind the no comment (Dario Voltolini), those who have joked (Donatella Di Pierantonio), those who have wondered what the malice is (Paolo Di Paolo) and then there is Valerio. Who is unable to take off the intellectual’s dress even when talking about less serious things. She says: “Why should the link between culture and the market be denied?”, recalling that Jean Cocteau in an advertisement invited people to buy a television. “If he sold televisions, what harm is there in accepting a dress?”. Chiara, even less so, come on…

– Have you heard the official anthem of the anti-fascists French against The Pen And Bardella? That French rappers call Marine Le Pen a bitch whore, or that they praise the murder of Jordan Bardella, is not surprising. Those who are shocked are perhaps not aware of the average violence of rap and trap lyrics. The drama, if anything, is another. That is, the reaction of Italian newspapers to the horrifying sexist insults directed at Marine and her niece Marion. For Republic the real news is “the Nazi chants of the right” while in the title the rappers’ threats become a banal “response” to the right. The verse “If the fasci pass I will come out like a large caliber” becomes simple “very strong words”, without any indignation. For the Everyday occurrenceinstead, the song of the collective rappettaro it would be a banal invitation to go and vote. Reading the title, it seems like a Beethoven symphony. Brief reflection: in your opinion, what would have happened if they had called Elly Schlein a bitch whore?

– The president of the Community Jewish Milanese makes a clear point on the issue of the investigation of Fanpage: Do you feel protected by Fdi? “I would say yes, both for what it has done in the past and for what it is doing now”. Also because, he points out, Avs “has never condemned the attack of October 7”. Applause.

– So the Movement Five Starsthe one who had to overcome the right and the left, the one who “Mimmo Lucano did business with migrants”, the one of the “sea taxis”, will perhaps end up in the group The Left to the European Parliament. In practice we will find ourselves Joseph With you with Ilaria Saltplus Carola Rackete. The people’s lawyer will be the lawyer of the squatter. At least now we know that there is a movement further to the left of the Democratic Party and that is grillismo. What a bad parable your creature, dear Beppe Grillo.

Emmanuel Macron he lets it be known that the centrists of which he is the popular leader (not so loved, by now) will never govern with the radicals of Mélenchon. The declaration serves to reassure his allies who, after the many “withdrawals” of their colleagues, are already in hives at the idea of ​​seeing the anti-Semites of Unsubdued France. They accused Emmanuel of having made a U-turn, signing an agreement with that left that until yesterday defined evil as equal to the right. And so he tried to patch things up. What does all this mean? Two things. First: that the Forehead Popular anti Le Pen has already split, in the blink of an eye, which shows that getting together with the sole purpose of not letting Bardella prevail never translates into a majority capable of governing. Second: that the maneuvers have begun to bring a “Dragons from beyond the Alps” that excludes the far right and the far left. Can it work? Sure, just as the exclusion of Meloni’s conservatives will work numerically in Europe. But it does nothing but “shift” the problem forward: Le Pen will be able to cry conspiracy, betrayal of the electoral will, and will bring even more grist to her mill. That is, the dream of being elected President of the Republic in 2027. Be careful, centrists, because that way you risk digging your own grave.

– Democrats give up Biden. His “confidants” let the New York Times know that he is considering whether or not to continue the presidential race. His editorial friends have buried him, politically speaking.

Joe is now at the end of the line: whether he stays in the saddle or not, the spokesman swears that it’s all hoaxes, he will never win. If “White House sources” already say he has been replaced by Kamala Harris, it means they consider him burned out. Bye Bye, Joe.