The Crime of “Ecocide”, the Latest Left-Wing Idea

Director Feltri,now the Italian left is inventing the crime of ecocide which, if it were regulated in the way the greens envisage, would carry up to twenty years in prison. Does the left …

The Crime of "Ecocide", the Latest Left-Wing Idea

Director Feltri,
now the Italian left is inventing the crime of ecocide which, if it were regulated in the way the greens envisage, would carry up to twenty years in prison. Does the left really think that these are the problems of the Italians and the emergencies of society? They should not be surprised if they then lose the elections.
Gino Palma

Dear Gino,
I never cease to be amazed by the imagination of progressives, who come up with such bizarre and ridiculous proposals that, when I learn about them, I can hardly believe they actually did it. In short, I think it’s a hoax, even a very funny one, but it’s reality. Only a few months ago, the secretary of the Greens Angelo Bonelli proposed the introduction of a new crime of opinion, something that democrats should abhor since no one should be persecuted or prosecuted for their thoughts. Yet Bonelli devised the crime of climate denial. Anyone who expresses doubts about the idiosyncratic conventions relating to climate change and the ever-closer death of the planet, and I point out that a significant portion of the scientific community does not agree with this theory, deserves to end up behind bars. How democratic and right these radical-chic are! And then the fascists are always the others… The proposal, absolutely indecent, was rejected, as we still live in a civil state, thank goodness. However, this has not stopped the extremist environmentalists who sit in our Parliament from coming up with another one of their own, an even more absurd idea, a devilry of the craziest kind.

The left-wing forces have just tabled the bill you are referring to, namely the one aimed at introducing the crime of “ecocide”, killing the ecosystem. In essence, anyone who causes damage to the environment with the awareness of producing such harm must be locked up. The problem is that the case is quite random, meaning any act can be considered illegal and harmful, so the slightest thing would be enough to lead to a conviction. Throw a cigarette butt on the ground? You’ll be thrown in jail. A small aside to avoid misunderstandings: I am someone who puts a cigarette butt in my jacket pocket in the absence of a dumpster nearby. I have never tolerated the rudeness of those who throw it on the street. Yet I find it quite tyrannical to imagine punishing certain behaviors so severely. According to the Greens, the law would have an educational, even cultural, function. In short, through prison sentences, the Democrats intend to make citizens more virtuous.

Furthermore, this crime, that of “ecocide”, would lead to economic paralysis, in fact companies that use and deal with potentially polluting substances would encounter a strong disincentive as well as obstacles in carrying out their activity, without considering the very high risk of legal proceedings with the inevitable associated dismissals, perhaps on a large scale, as well as a block on production.

Fratoianni believes that the illegal occupation of houses, both public and private property, a phenomenon that in certain neighborhoods of our cities represents a real plague and forces millions of citizens to live constantly in terror, should not constitute a crime and should be decriminalized, but he considers it appropriate and urgent to establish the crime of “ecocide”, that is, murder against the victim environment. This is the living proof that the left lives detached from reality and people. Fratoianni himself commented on TV on the victory (in the first round) of Marine Le Pen in France, stating that “gathering together against the right and neo-fascism” is “an excellent political program”. However, this is not a program, at most it can be a modus operandi or an objective, one of the many that a party or coalition should have.

The left only discusses fascism which does not exist and, when it puts something on the fire, here are the proposals that end up on the embers.

cabaret. The self-styled Dems should ask themselves why the hell people should vote for them. “To prevent the right from winning” is neither a solid nor persuasive reason, but an insult to democracy and voters.