The many abstentionists need the premiership

Dear Vittorio,but in a democracy what is more useless than abstention? I understand that it is now a level debate “on the sex of angels” and that it is a waste of time …

The many abstentionists need the premiership

Dear Vittorio,
but in a democracy what is more useless than abstention? I understand that it is now a level debate “on the sex of angels” and that it is a waste of time to even talk about it, given the obtuseness with which almost half of those entitled to vote continue not to express it. But nevertheless, wouldn't it be right to point out to them the awareness of their uselessness? Also and above all out of respect for those who sacrificed themselves for this. And the implicit and non-biased reference to Giacomo Matteotti is deliberately implied!
Best regards
Mario Taliani

Dear Mario,
what a pleasure to read you again, it's not the first time you've written to me and I've replied to you, I remember well. Well, once again I agree with you: abstentionism is undoubtedly useless, given that it consists in the renunciation by an, unfortunately increasingly important, portion of the electorate of their right to vote. A vote which is precisely a right but also a duty, a duty that is neglected as well as a freedom that has been deposed as it is considered vain. People who don't go to vote don't do so precisely because they believe that going to the polls and expressing a preference doesn't bring any change to their existence, that doesn't improve it. It is an indication of a serious loss of trust towards representatives and public affairs for which anyone who experiences such a feeling of human and understandable distrust cannot be blamed. If anything, the one who generated it is guilty, that is, those who determined it, that is, the elected officials, the politicians, who often brazenly demonstrate that they are more interested in the seat and their own wallet than in people's pockets and their problems. So what do you want us to say to these disheartened citizens? What are some assholes? Which are of no use? Perhaps they serve some purpose, however: to make us understand that our democracy is sick, that it is experiencing a moment of crisis, which does not mean the imposition of fascism, as the left wants us to believe, but rather the spread of disinterest, apathy, disengagement. How is it resolved? By involving citizens more, trying to regain their trust, and not judging and criticizing them, which will not push them to go and vote. So no, I categorically refuse to lecture those who don't vote. I advise them to do so, certainly. But no sermon. No criticism.

Do you know what would contribute significantly to increasing a sense of effective and effective participation on the part of the electorate? The introduction and entry into force of the reform of the premiership desired by Giorgia Meloni, a woman who has a strong sense of democracy.

The direct election of the Prime Minister, which would therefore allow citizens to express their preference for the head of government without intermediaries, choosing and indicating him directly, if it were introduced, would ensure that the sovereign people would feel more involved in the sphere of resolutions which for too long have been taken from above and was also more predisposed to involve himself and be active in the management of what is not simply public affairs but his own affairs.