the 4 reasons why Macron is “unstable”

The ambition to become the leader of the Old Continent, the risk of crashing to the ground like Icarus. In the last months Emmanuel Macron he was one – or perhaps the – of the …

Macron wants to send the troops, in the meantime he sends his men to Putin's party

The ambition to become the leader of the Old Continent, the risk of crashing to the ground like Icarus. In the last months Emmanuel Macron he was one – or perhaps the – of the great protagonists of the international scene, but not in positive terms. Perhaps arrogantly, the French president has bitten off more than he can chew several times and now, on the eve of the European elections, he is wobbling. A situation of instability – not mental, let's be clear – which risks causing dangerous scenarios, especially if we think of Ukraine, and which can be traced back to five dossiers.

Internal problems

One of Macron's main problems is the stability of the government. Premiers and ministers changed with impressive regularity, without ever solving the problems. And be careful, the urban devastation and the security emergency in the ghettos should not even be mentioned. Because in recent months Paris has been shaken by vibrant protests against pension reform and the package immigration. Measures cost former Prime Minister Borne his job, but Attal's reign is far from serene, thanks to the poll numbers and a climate of total distrust towards those in power.

The Sahel


The loss of the Sahel seems to have pushed Macron to want to play a leading role in the crisis in Ukraine. Already on the front line in the days before the ordered invasion of Vladimir Putin, the head of the Elysée has risked on more than one occasion in recent weeks causing the conflict to widen. Macron has in fact hypothesized sending Western soldiers to Ukraine to fight against Moscow's troops. Not satisfied, despite the Kremlin's muscular reactions, in the last few hours he announced that he wanted to supply Zelensky with fourth generation 'Mirage 2000' fighters and that he wanted to train Ukrainian pilots on French territory. That's all? Not at all: “I want to form a French brigade in Ukraine”, his announcement without going into detail. And the problem would be Matteo Salvini's words…

The European elections

This latest outing by Macron could be linked to the upcoming ones European elections, a fundamental crossroads for the Old Continent but not only. In France there is talk of “the most important vote in the history of the Union” and it is no coincidence, considering that Prime Minister Attal has to deal with two motions of censure, one from France Insoumise (LFI) and the other from the Rassemblement National ( Rn), both against budget cuts. The picture presented by the latest official polls is dramatic: beaten only thanks to the classic red jumbles, Marine Le Pen has double the votes of the head of the Elysée. And even in this case it is tragic news, because the right-wing leader considers these European elections a referendum on Macron. And you can't even focus on the unity of the left: the parties overall represent 32.5 percent, but they are more divided than ever. Irreconcilable positions, so to speak. The defeat of the president's party could unleash a deadly wave. And the anti-Putin tirades thus take on another value: a desperate attempt to stay afloat. is also on Whatsapp. Simply click here to subscribe to the channel and always be updated (free).