The meeting, the age difference, Monte Carlo: the love story between Ezio Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico

The story between Ezio Greggio And Romina Pierdomenico she was undoubtedly one of the most talked about in recent years due to the large age difference. The host and the showgirl were linked …

The meeting, the age difference, Monte Carlo: the love story between Ezio Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico

The story between Ezio Greggio And Romina Pierdomenico she was undoubtedly one of the most talked about in recent years due to the large age difference. The host and the showgirl were linked from 2018 to 2023, but despite the farewell they remained on good terms.

Love at first sight at the Film Festival

March 2018. Ezio Greggio is on stage at Monte-Carlo Film Festival De La Comedie as host and artistic director of the event. Romina Pierdomenico is fresh from participating in Temptation Island And Men and women and recently made his debut hosting Gulp Cinema on Rai Gulp. Romina was invited to the Monte-Carlo Film Festival as a testimonial for a well-known fashion brand and during the event she met Ezio Greggio. For the host it is a real love at first sight and from that moment he begins to court her with numerous messages.

The meeting in Milan

An acquaintance begins between the two sms. In June 2018, however, Ezio invites Romina to dinner. “We arranged to meet for the 4th of July, but then fate wanted us to meet exactly 24 hours before in Milan, on the street. I told him, 'You're a day early'“, the presenter would say years later. “A sign of destiny“, Ezio will say instead. The following evening Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico have dinner together and the host discovers the host's ironic charm: “He won me over“. The couple chooses to keep their relationship private. She is 26 years old and he is 64 years old and they both don't want to feed their relationship to the pink press. But in the summer of 2018 the weekly magazine Spy catches them together arm in arm in the Milanese night and the gossip takes off on the web, making their love story public.

The first public appearance

March 2019. Romina and Ezio end up at the center of the chatter. The most critical say that the couple has no future given the large age difference, but the host and his girlfriend look further. Their bond is solid and serene and the two decide to make the relationship official by debuting together on red carpet of the Monte-Carlo Film Festival De La Comedie. From that moment Ezio and Romina decide to live their relationship in the open. During the summer they take a holiday in Salina and participate together in the Mare Festival Premio Troisi, which takes place right on the island and always together they participate in the wedding of Lorella Boccia and Niccolò Presta, son of Lucio Presta.

Coexistence and projects together

Greggio and his girlfriend are serious and already in 2019 they start a relationship domestic partnership in the principality of Monaco, where Ezio has lived for some time. Their private life is also intertwined in their work, when the host chooses Romina as his adventure companion for the new edition of “You know the last one” broadcast on Canale 5 since autumn 2019. The new season of the program is a success, but Romina is defined as a “registered mail” and the press once again speaks critically of their love.

The lockdown together in the Principality

The couple puts themselves to the test in the period of COVID-19. Romina and Ezio spend their forced coexistence in the Principality of Monaco and the feeling grows stronger. “We were, like everyone else, locked in the house reading books, watching films, doing culinary experiments. And then dinners with video calls: memorable on the evening of my birthday, connected with my children who were in London”Ezio will tell in an interview given to People in August 2020.

“For us, no marriage or children”

In the spring of 2021, Ezio and Romina give an interview as a couple where they confess that they are very happy and peaceful together. Despite the Age difference, the story has been going on for three years but there are no important changes in the future. “We are good together. We don't pay attention to anything except ourselves. We are happy like this. For the moment we have not planned marriage or children”, the two declare to the magazine. In the summer of the same year, Romina and Ezio spent a few relaxing days in Saint Tropez and the paparazzi caught them together and in love in the streets of Monaco.

The last interview with Verissimo

January 2023. Ezio Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico accept Silvia Toffanin's invitation for a couple interview. This is the first time that the host and his girlfriend participate in very true and give a television interview. In the living room of Canale 5 Ezio and Romina talk about their love and declare themselves very happy: “If in life I met a fantastic man and I'm gone in love, I am not at fault. To those who said we would last a month, a year at most, we are here after four and a half years“. Ezio confesses to still courting her and Romina kisses her partner, speaking of the strong feeling that binds them. A few months later, however, insistent rumors of a deep crisis.

The final farewell

On May 7, 2023 Ezio Greggio celebrates wedding of his son Giacomo. The host's eldest son marries Shereen Doummar in a splendid villa in the Siena area, but Romina's absence is noticeable at the ceremony and reception and the pink press talks about the end of their relationship. Neither Greggio nor his girlfriend, however, deny the news that is strongly circulating on social media and online, but on May 13th Ezio sent a message to his Instagram stories, in which he announced the end of his relationship with Romina: “We both have different projects for our life. Our story has become a great friendship, we are calm. They were five unforgettable years”.

Why Ezio Greggio and Romina broke up

A few months after his farewell, Ezio Greggio gives an interview to Novella 2000 where he explains the reasons that led the couple to break up: “Nothing happened, no problem but everyone has different perspectives for

your own future. The story is over but we are on excellent terms, there is great friendship, as you have seen she also came to my festival. Open and peaceful relationship“. Today Ezio Greggio and Romina Pierdomenico are single.