the UN halves the deaths in Gaza

In one of his very famous quotes, Siddharta Gautama, better known as Buddha, states: “Three things cannot be hidden for long: the Moon, the Sun and the Truth”. And in the end, and it couldn't …

the UN halves the deaths in Gaza

In one of his very famous quotes, Siddharta Gautama, better known as Buddha, states: “Three things cannot be hidden for long: the Moon, the Sun and the Truth”. And in the end, and it couldn't be otherwise, many issues come to a head. In this case the knots to untangle are the numbers on the victims of the war underway shot by Hamas and considered good and indisputable by all.
Numbers that were useful to the anti-Zionists anti-Semites from all over the world, in particular to those disguised as students, who with this excuse have blocked the most important universities in the world to express what they have always had in their souls.

And it doesn't matter their ideological position, right, extreme, or left, almost all of these subjects, at least for once, found themselves in agreement on something: to accuse Israel. We Jews have the advantage of bringing together people who on other topics are, and have been, capable of anything.

Numbers that were useful to many professors of those subjects disguised as students, probably more interested in the funding and bonuses that could be obtained from the billion-dollar donations that have arrived from various nations in recent years, Qatar in the head, than to teach a little culture to the ignorant public.

Those described above and who instead of classrooms crowd the campus gardens with the guitar and the cane in hand. With the inevitable keffiyeh around his neck.

Numbers that were used by almost all international newspapers, both television and paper, and also on websites for accuse the Jewish State and put him, always and in any case, in the dock.

Numbers that served theEuropean Union, especially to Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, who every other day also shouted them from the rooftops.

Numbers that served the Biden – Blinken – Obama administration which used them as the main motivation for slow down the action of the Israeli armywho if he had had a free hand would have finished the operation several months ago, and slowed down, if not stopped completely, military aid to Israel which, it is all the more necessary to remember, is the one being attacked in this war.

Numbers that were used by South Africa to accuse Israel of genocide before the Court of The Hague and which were used by the same Court to formulate a sort of sentence of which, in the end, no one understood anything.

However, the accusation of genocide was enough for it to become a subliminal sentence and a mantra which is repeated in all events around the world even if Joan Donoghue, the judge who presided over the Court in The Haguesaid during a BBC interview that it had never been established that South Africa's claim that Israel was committing genocide in Gaza was “plausible.”

The judge also stated that it (the genocide) had been falsely reported by numerous politicians and diplomats and by a huge amount of journalistic reporting that interpreted the sentence without sticking to the text.

This article, given the authority of the person who wrote it and the importance of the newspaper that published it, has opened the doors to the possibility of reviewing the data, and now? Finally the United Nations (UN) they revised their estimates on civilian casualties in Gaza cutting the figures by almost 50%.

According to the latest report, approximately 4,959 women and 7,797 children have been killed in the conflict. This review highlights the challenges related to data collection accurate in conflict zones, particularly when relying on sources who may have vested interests.

The UN has acknowledged that its initial reliance on data from the Palestinian Ministry of Health, administered by Hamas in Gaza, contributed to inflating the figures.

Reacting to the revised figures, Israeli officials reiterated long-standing concerns about the data manipulation of casualties by Hamas for propaganda purposes and argued that the inflated numbers do not reflect reality on the ground and underline the need for independent verification.

Now, it being understood that civilian victims are the most painful chapter within the tragedies warlikethe new numbers, contrary to what we have stubbornly wanted to believe, are proof that Palestinian civilians were not and have never been the target of the Israeli army which, and this is also confirmed by external sources, has always done everything to avoid all collateral damage as far as possible.

Some will surely argue that even the revised numbers are terrible, and I agree with them. They are terrible. Women and children in war, but civilians in general, are the most painful part to have to face. But I want to remind that someone that the young people who were dancing at the Nova Festival were also civilized, the inhabitants of the kibbutz and the citizens of Sderot were civilized, they were civilized Israeli women and girls raped and torn to piecesthe Israeli women who were raped in front of their children and their husbands and then killed and burned were civilized, the Israeli children and newborns burned alive in the kitchen ovens of their homes were civilized. is also on Whatsapp. Simply click here to subscribe to the channel and always be updated (free).