This is how Macron’s cockerel ended up roasted, how disgusting the Azzurri and Le Pen are: so, today…

– Who remembers the triumphal march of Emmanuel Macronnewly elected President of France, who elegantly struts to the tune of the Ode to Joy on the stage of the Louvre to celebrate his …

This is how Macron's cockerel ended up roasted, how disgusting the Azzurri and Le Pen are: so, today...

– Who remembers the triumphal march of Emmanuel Macronnewly elected President of France, who elegantly struts to the tune of the Ode to Joy on the stage of the Louvre to celebrate his victory? It was way back in 2017 and the former child prodigy From beyond the Alps appeared the future of Europe, the bulwark against the right, the man capable of preventing Paris from ending up in the hands of Marine Le Pen and his Front National. Nothing remains of that glorious march. The FN is no more, having become the less radical Rassemblement National. En Marche! is no more. And the aura of Europe’s patron saint that the president had built around himself has also disappeared. The end. Macronism is dead. And it is not only Jordan Bardella who rightly points out the defeat inflicted by the Le Penists on the majority that until yesterday governed France. The Gaullists of Lés Repubblicains also reiterate it. And Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Marine Le Pen’s left-wing alter ego, perhaps even more radical, confirms it. Certainly more anti-Semitic.

Macronism died under the blows of Macronism. Of his mistakes: the yellow vests, uncontrolled immigration, the suburbs turned into Arab enclaves, terrorism, insecurity, the failure of the strategy in Ukraine, NATO given up for dead and then resurrected, the Europe with which he identifies himself as always already bureaucratic and less close to the people. The last tragic gamble was to dissolve the National Assembly: Macron believed that in the end the French would not reward Le Pen-Bardella and he bet on the “sanitary cordon”, but neither he nor the observers had perhaps fully understood the political and sociological transformation of the Rassemblement National which has almost nothing left of daddy Le Pen’s Front. And if even the Jews have declared that they prefer RN to the anti-Semitic left, the one led by Mélenchon that after October 7th he did not take to the streets against the Hamas massacre, then it is true that the world has changed. In short: Macronism, born to overcome the right and the left, in eight years has ended up polarizing the dichotomy even more. It could not have gone worse.

– TO Donald Trump partial immunity is granted and, after Biden’s collapse, the liberal media is halfway between despair and suicidal instincts. It doesn’t happen, but if The Donald wins again we’ll have fun…

– Last night Alberto Remedya Rai reporter in Germany following the national team, claimed that among the reasons for Spalletti’s team’s European failure were the overly strict rules imposed by the coach. In essence, the team had a crisis of rejection of the coach because Shoulder pads has banned the playstation in the room and headphones on at times when it was more useful to socialize. Poor puppies without the play are lost… We’re doing well.

– Take it out on “The Cicada” because he hunts down pickpockets he turns the good into the bad and the bandit into a victim. Justice is not done by citizens, let’s be clear, the State should take care of it. But the drama lies in that conditional: shouldbut it doesn’t. If muggings on the subway weren’t perceived as a real problem, a terror that pervades you during the entire subway ride, the fault isn’t of the Cicalone. But of the petty thieves. And of those who don’t do something to curb their actions.

– The Italian national football team needs Well. We would lose anyway, as often happens in the Italian basketball league. But at least the players are having fun, they believe in it. And the spectators too. After all, if you think about it, Antonio With you had embraced the same philosophy: finding himself with a team of athletes who were not top-notch, he focused everything on motivation. More than tactics. We are a provincial national team now, and we have to accept it. To those who say “but we won the European Championship with Mancini” I remind you that Greece also triumphed once: miracles, in football, sometimes happen. But they remain miracles.

– Have you ever made a mistake by throwing a plastic jar in the wrong garbage bin? Here it is: starting tomorrow you could risk 12 to 20 years in prison, since your insane gesture could be considered a real crime of Eco-cide. We are exaggerating, obviously. But the great idea came to Angel Bonelli And Nicholas Fratoiannitwo who between Ilaria Salis and Soumahoro know a thing or two about brilliant intuitions. In essence, Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra has proposed a law that introduces this type of crime that is so random, and so open to interpretation by magistrates, the only effect of which would be to terrorize Italy and probably block its economic system. For Avs, in order to “change the basic rules by which the national economy operates”, it is necessary to strike down “any illicit or arbitrary act committed with the knowledge that there is a substantial probability” that this “will cause serious and widespread or long-term damage to the environment or an ecosystem”. Do you understand the madness? First: we are talking about “substantial probability of damage”, which is at odds with every sacrosanct principle of legal certainty. Second: according to this reading, and according to the reading of Greta Thunberg & co. that some magistrates could take on, the banal use of fossil fuels to produce could be considered “a serious and widespread long-term damage to the environment and the ecosystem”, as could be the case with raising cows since with their farts – Denmark teaches – they produce methane that is dangerous for the climate. Be careful: because if we leave certain liberties to the prosecutors, and here we come to the initial provocation, we would not be surprised if they put us in jail for erroneous separate waste collection.

– Ps: the proposed law provides for the possibility of imposing penalties even when the act “is committed abroad by an Italian citizen”. But how come, excuse me: therefore theecocide as a “universal crime” it’s fine, but when they want to apply the principle to surrogate motherhood you consider it an abomination?

– L’You will be happy, “left-wing” union, expresses solidarity with the journalists harassed under the PD stage, a little late. But he is keen to point out that Elly’s party “is completely unrelated to the affair”. Something that, moreover, is yet to be proven. Surely, if they had done it at the FdI kermesse, the blue helmets would have come down. And then do you remember what happened with Greta Beccaglia and that fan who touched her bottom in the euphoria of the match? Learned editorials on patriarchy, on sports sexism, on ugly and bad men. Here, instead, it happened at the Gay Pride, under the Democratic banner, so everyone kept quiet. How much hypocrisy, scoundrel.

– Crazy stuff. Universities and great schools French have written a statement to say “no” to the Gathering National considering it an “immediate, real and unprecedented threat”. On the basis of what concrete facts? None. Prejudices. But in the end it should not be surprising that the cradle of the French bureaucracy and elite embrace the principles of the same political elite that represents them. It does however make sense that educational institutions such as universities, which among students and professors will also have voters of the RN, effectively exclude 30% of the French population considering them unworthy of representing the country. Now that is a little racist.

The print manages to write that “with an extraordinary turnout” yesterday in France “millions of voters mobilized to oppose the radical and discriminatory program of the Rassemblement National”. Excuse me: am I wrong, or did Le Pen get 12 million votes and 33% chose the right? I think that at Press they got sunstroke.

– What the Italian newspapers are unable to explain well are the doubts that are creeping in macronians, centristsmoderates and liberals in view of the run-off. Because it is one thing to raise a wall against Le Pen, as happened in the past, when the alternative is a Gaullist or a centrist. It is another to favor the extreme left, anti-Semitic and with suicidal economic policies, as in the case of the Popular Front of Mélenchon and associates. In fact, until yesterday, the Macronians were inviting voters to choose them in opposition to “the two extremes”. Why should they go to the polls on July 7 to choose communist candidates just to prevent “the right” from taking power?

– For months, groups, antagonists and the entire left have taken to the streets against Israel, against the Jews, praising Hamas and considering October 7th a “military reaction” to the violence in Tel Aviv. Some Jewish women, let us remember, were also chased away by feminist marches. Yet today Edith Bruck manages to affirm that the “tsunami of anti-Semitism” in Italy derives from this government that has “blown the inhibitions”. As usual, a certain intelligentsia looks at the finger (the fascists of Gioventù Nazionale) without seeing the Moon (the real anti-Semites of the left).

– To understand the consideration of a certain left towards democracy, read the first two lines of the piece published on Republic. “The democratic emergency passes directly from Europe to France”. What would this “democratic emergency” be? Have they perhaps attempted a coup d’état in Paris? No. Has it perhaps been established an authoritarian regime at the Elysée? Not even. The “democratic emergency”, in France as in the EU, would derive from the fact that voters chose Marine Le Pen and Giorgia Meloni (just to name the largest countries) instead of Macron and the Democratic Party. In essence, for some, the vote freely expressed by French voters would not be “democratic”, but rather a danger to the system itself. Which is not only a glaring contradiction (if “power belongs to the people”, the electoral outcome should be accepted) but also incredibly hypocritical. Because it is not possible to invoke voter participation every now and then brand it as “antidemocratic” when it is poured on candidates that intellectuals and professors don’t like. Of course: they will tell you that even Hitler obtained popular legitimacy. Bullshit. Crying about a democratic emergency is an old game that has been attempted in vain in Italy too. Remember? With Meloni in power, the invasion of locusts, the absence of freedom and the soaring spread were predicted.

None of this has happened and it will not happen with Bardella or The Pen. The truth is that the best way to invite the “extremes” to institutionalize themselves is not to reject them or demonize their voters, but to include them in the system and thus force them to moderate their positions.