up to 5 you can” – Antonio Ruzzo’s blog

“I know the rules and I know that there is still time until July 5 to change the choices. For this reason I ask for an interest in my case because it is not possible …

up to 5 you can” – Antonio Ruzzo's blog

“I know the rules and I know that there is still time until July 5 to change the choices. For this reason I ask for an interest in my case because it is not possible to ignore what seems to me a notable injustice and a defeat for the sporting spirit that animates the Olympics…”. Michael Sarzilla since the day of the announcement of the Olympic convocations of the Italian Triathlon national team that excluded him from the challenge in Paris, he has had a millstone around his neck. He knows that it is almost impossible to change things but as a good Bergamasco he does not give up: “mola mia”. And so, with pen and paper, he tries to move something, tries to break the silence behind which the Federation, technical committees, a good part of the communication are entrenched with an open letter addressed to the president of the Coni John Malago, to the minister of sport Andrea Abodito the president of Fitri Riccardo Giubilei and to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella who will probably be busy with more important matters, but that the triathlete of the DDs-7Mp tries to involve in a last attempt to change things. The story is well known to those who live triathlons. Michele Sarzilla, 36 years old, is currently the Italian triathlete with the best Olympic ranking: 24th in the ranking, first among the Azzurri. Throughout the Olympic period he was at the center of the Federal project and, with his placings, he contributed more than anyone else to obtaining the necessary scores for the two qualifying “slots” of the national team. It wasn’t enough. A few weeks ago, the federal technical committee issued the call-ups and preferred him Gianluca Pozzatti of the 707Team38th in the Olympic ranking, e Alessio Crocianifrom the Blue Flames, which appears in 95th place. In the open letter there is all of Michele Sarzilla: his concreteness, his way of presenting himself, of thinking and working, without climbing on the glass or giving justifications. And with the exclusive aim of explaining the facts, basing them not on human grudges, but on precise data, he attaches tables and times, showing that, with data in hand, even in the relay, the test on which the national team will focus and which in fact has sanctioned its exclusion, it would have been absolutely effective. Alongside him, all his staff, and the swimming Olympian from Barcelona ’92 and president of the DDs Luca Sacchi: “«I would like Michele to be given the dignity of an athlete and a man that he deserves – he explains – That he should be protected by every body that regulates sport in Italy. Top positions have the strength and power to do so, but above all the duty to ensure correctness. I am happy that he turned to them and I hope that there is seriousness and responsibility in analyzing the situation.”

“I believe that FITRI’s decision to take refuge behind such a non-transparent scientific model is extremely disheartening for me. I ask at least the people who made this decision to show their face and assume their responsibilities by making public the data that led to the choice of the starting roster. The best Italian athlete was used as a disposable athlete, sent on trips around the world for two years, scoring points and results and then being left on the bench. A decision of notable human incompetence and a petty method of communication, not in keeping with the values ​​of a Federation whose motto has always been “We are one”. Decisions can be right or wrong, accepted or criticized, but they must always and in any way be clearly stated and, if argued on scientific data as stated, these must be transparent, visible and consultable. I am sure that we are all the losers from such a decision: I lose the chance to realize a dream that I have cherished for some time, and probably also the last chance to realize it, since I will turn 36 in a few days; FITRI loses credibility in front of young athletes who see a clear example of little coherence and meritocracy. With what words will tomorrow’s coaches encourage their young athletes to achieve ever greater results? Why should they do it, if then on the days when the results count, they are not taken into consideration? The Federal Council and President Riccardo Giubilei forgive; the President, no longer enjoying a majority in the Council and seeing six of ten councilors resign, was forced to call new elections; Alessio Crociani loses, since he will see an enormous responsibility fall on his shoulders, that of competing in an Olympic race without having the experience to manage the anxiety and tension that a race of that level generates; the thousands of Italian triathlon enthusiasts lose, a world that sees their sport “contaminated” and corrupted by political issues that should normally remain outside the competition fields, especially if it is the Olympic race. And finally, the Italian team loses, boys and girls who are not united towards their dream, scared and under pressure from those who, in recent years, have not been able to inspire any confidence in them. I ask that the data provided be taken into consideration so that on 30 July and 5 August 2024 in Paris the best team can take the field, the best performing and the one capable of achieving the best possible result.”